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Do These 4 Things to Increase Your Hormones for Hair Growth

Do These 4 Things to Increase Your Hormones for Hair Growth

Aging, disease, stress and other conditions adversely affect the production of hormones essential for healthy hair growth. The best solution is to do these 4 things to increase your hormones for hair growth.

1. Know which hormones are affected. A number of hormones are involved in influencing hair growth. Among these are testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH) and thyroid hormones. Knowing how these hormones affect hair growth is the key to figuring out which supplements and measures to take. Let’s start with testosterone. Though high levels have been linked to baldness, this is actually due to an enzyme converting testosterone into a different form called dihydrotestosterone. In this case, the hair follicles shrink, thereby subsequently arresting the natural process of hair growth. However, very low levels of testosterone affect hair growth too and also cause baldness. So, in this case, you need to take action. Another hormone, called thyroxine, causes a condition known as hypothyroidism, with one main symptom being thinning hair. Lastly, low levels of HGH also affect hair and nails, so optimal amounts are necessary for hair growth.


2. Increase low levels of testosterone. A general rule is to stay fit, eat well, and get enough rest. A good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours along with effective stress management can do a lot to increase your testosterone levels. Additionally, consume plenty of foods loaded with zinc, such as raw milk, beans, yogurt, raw cheese and seafood like lobsters, oysters and shellfish. You can also opt to take a daily 40 mg supplement. A good example is ZMA, which contains the optimal combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6, all of which aid in upping your T levels. Moreover, get healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oil, raw almonds, salmon and pecans. Optimize your vitamin D levels from sunshine or take a supplement. Be active and get at least 20 minutes of daily exercise. A brisk walk can do the trick, though the best exercise for improved circulation and hormone production is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Intermittent strength training can also be beneficial, but be sure not to overdo it with strenuous physical activity as the resulting stress may adversely affect testosterone production.

3. Boost your thyroid hormone levels. Low thyroid hormone levels cause increased shedding and hair loss. You can increase counteract it through proper nutrition and eating the right foods boost thyroid function. Liver, for instance, has optimal amounts of vitamin A readily available for use by the body. Cod liver oil is also a great addition to your diet as it contains a good amount of both vitamins A and D. Plant sources of vitamin A are not advisable as it takes longer for the thyroid to use the vitamin in this form. Furthermore, iodine, an essential component of thyroid hormones, is plentiful in seafood, seaweed and iodine-enriched salt. A check-up along with some lab tests can help establish if you have very low levels of thyroid hormones. You can also see an endocrinologist who can prescribe you with thyroxine if needed.

4. Optimize human growth hormone levels. Exercise has been found to trigger the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. So far, strength training and HIIT are the best ways to promote human growth hormone level. In addition, consuming a well-balanced diet containing glutamine, L-arginine, melatonin, L-leucine, L-ornithine, fenugreek, creatine, GABA, and Mucuna pruriens is an effective way to optimize levels of HGH and prime your hair for more growth. Moreover, detoxing your liver with spirulina, avoiding sugar, losing weight, doing intermittent fasting, sleeping more, getting more of the sunshine vitamin and even laughing more can significantly boost HGH levels.

Doing these 4 things to increase your hormones for hair growth will entail awareness about proper hormone levels. If you want to save that head of hair, you have to make sure you stay healthy, fit, well-rested, and get the necessary nutrition and be aware of symptoms that might point to low thyroid hormone, growth hormone and testosterone levels.


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