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Foot Bunions—How to Cure Bunions

Foot Bunions—How to Cure Bunions

Is your big toe's joint swollen and red? Is the skin at its base thickened? Do you find it difficult to move your big toe about because of the pain? Ah, foot bunions-how to cure bunions. Although these don't really require treatment, you may need to see a doctor or a podiatrist if the bump is very visible, if you can barely fit your feet into your shoes because of the bump, and if the pain is persistent. However, if the condition has not worsened yet, here are the things you can do to manage and relieve the discomfort in your foot:

  1. The first thing you should do is stop the main cause of the bunion, which often is the kind of shoes you wear. The Mayo Clinic advises changing shoes. Switch to footwear that is comfortable, roomy, and has a lot of wiggle space for your toes. Remember that bunions are deformities that may either be genetic or due to shoes that push your big toe towards the rest of your toes, causing the big toe joint to protrude and, later on, become a noticeable bump. As such, wear footwear that doesn't aggravate this condition.

  2. If you still feel some discomfort despite wearing roomier shoes, tape or pad your feet so they're in the right position in order to alleviate the pain and minimize stress on the affected parts. You can have your doctor or podiatrist do this for you.

  3. If you've been on your feet for long periods of time, ice the bunion to relieve inflammation and soreness.

  4. You can also use padded shoe inserts as they can help you distribute your body weight evenly on your feet. Make sure you use padding with arches that are compatible with your feet. Your doctor may use orthotics, like bunion splints or toe spacers if the other foot padding options aren't effective for you.

  5. Your GP may also recommend painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol to help alleviate pain. However, you should know that if the pain is truly so unbearable that it requires you to take painkillers, it means that you need to have your feet checked by your doctor to make sure you haven't run into complications.

  6. If the above-mentioned alternatives don't really work for you, surgery may be your most viable option. This procedure will return your toe to the right position and thus relieve pain or discomfort as it involves removing the swollen tissue around your big toe joint and part of the bone, in order to straighten the toe. The bones in the affected joint will be attached and realigned permanently.

  7. You may also do certain exercises to relieve soreness and boost blood flow to your joint. These should be done after your feet have been taped or subjected to orthotics. You'll need to do these routines while your toes are taped to ensure that your big toe is in the right position as you do the exercises.

  8. Sit on a flat surface, with one foot outstretched and flat on the floor and the other bent, with the foot firmly flat on the ground. Then, with your heel still on the floor, raise your foot towards you. With your hand, gently push your big toe sideways, away from your toes, and hold this position for about one to two seconds. Release. Repeat this 10 times and then do the same with the other foot.

  9. While in the same position described in step #8, curl your toes a bit inward. Do this carefully; don't make sudden, jerky movements. Then, with your hand, push your toes down gently while still curled inwards. You can flex each of them individually or as a group. Release and repeat 10 times. Don't forget to do the same thing with the other foot.

Regarding foot bunions, or how to cure bunions, a critical point in treating them is making changes in your shoe-wearing habits, as well as certain lifestyle choices. If you are fond of heels, you may need to take a break from this type of footwear while you are rehabbing your foot towards podiatric wellness.


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