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How to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss Without Diet

How to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss Without Diet

Whether its swimsuit season or not, losing weight can be a good step to take, especially if you want a better figure, a healthier physique, and overall well-being. Losing weight, however, does not have to equate to starvation and shunning of all foods delicious. Proper exercise, enough sleep, determination and self-control, plus our tips below on how to achieve rapid weight loss without diet, can help you attain the slimmer figure you want.

  1. Routine exercise. Doing squats and lunges religiously every day for at least 30 minutes can do wonders for your weight. It not only burns up fat, it also sculpts your lower. With weight training, lifting dumbbells more slowly also helps boost your metabolism.

  2. Nourish your body. Instead of going on a diet, feed your body more wholesome foods like vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Skip white grains and fatty meat portions. For protein, choose fish. Drink lots of warm broth or soup before a meal to help make you feel fuller (but avoid cream-based ones). Instead of just one serving of vegetables, eat two to three more so that you feel fuller longer.

  3. Water, water, water. Even if it has been said countless times over, water is the best beverage you can ever get. With zero calories and its cleansing effect, water cannot be replaced by sweetened fruit juices or ice-cold sodas. These sugary beverages wreak havoc on your system and give your body more empty calories than is good for you. Water also can boost your metabolism by up to 30 percent instantly. If you prefer hot beverages, green tea can also increase your metabolism and give you a good dose of cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

  4. Engage in high intensity-interval training (HIIT), an exercise technique that has been shown to burn more calories than the usual workout. HIIT involves starting off with very intense exercise for a few minutes, then switching to easier exercises to recover, then switching back to a higher intensity, and so on. This approach of alternating high- and low-intensity activities burns fat much faster and is even said to have an after effect of continuously burning calories in the hours even after you have stopped exercising. Experts say that this method works because of the “oxygen debt” accumulated during the workout. Because of this “debt,” your body has to keep up its metabolism to repay this lack of oxygen to the various tissues and organs of the body even after you’ve left the gym.

  5. Modify your workout. Tweaking your exercises can have a large impact on your calorie-burning progress. For instance, carrying dumbbells while doing lunges and briskly walking with a weighted vest on can increase the calories you burn by about 8 to 10 percent.

  6. Try yoga or other mind-body methods. Keeping your stress in check is also a factor to consider when losing weight. Some people who are stressed from work or emotional issues can lose the motivation to stick to their workouts. Stress may also have you turn to eating more and giving into unhealthy habits like drinking more alcohol. Taking on a mind-body exercise like meditation and yoga can help keep your negative emotions in check. Yoga is also beneficial to physical health; certain yoga poses build muscle and help trim down excess fat from certain areas like your belly.

Dieting is not always the answer to losing weight. A lot of yo-yo dieters now realize that most diets don’t work for the majority of people, because when you stop dieting, the pounds start to come back, sometimes in even greater amounts. Stick to these guidelines on how to achieve rapid weight loss without diet daily, and in a few weeks you will notice that you’ve shed a good number of pounds.


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