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how to act in a relationship

how to act in a relationship

Relationships come in many facets; some are immature while others are mature. Regardless of the shape or size of your love affair, you have to know how to act in a relationship appropriately. When you are able to do so, you become ready to take your relationship to another level and eventually create a lasting and faithful bond. Starting a relationship is relatively easy, but keeping it working is another story. A lasting relationship requires love, honesty, patience, and understanding. If you are in doubt on how you should behave and conduct yourself in a relationship, read on below for more applicable tips:

  1. Don’t pretend. Be yourself and show the natural you regardless of the circumstances. If the relationship is new, your partner will want to discover the “real you,” what interests you, what you usually do, and how you react to things. Do not attempt to edit your behavior; that will turn off your partner. Once your partner starts to ask basic questions, answer casually. Just keep in mind that getting to know each other on a daily basis is going to make your relationship stronger.


  2. Always be honest. Honesty means openness. Make it a point not to lie to your partner. Nothing is more annoying in this world than knowing that someone is cheating on you. In the first place, why would you hide anything from your partner? If you need to go somewhere else with friends and it is inappropriate to bring along your partner, just be honest about it.

  3. Discuss things sincerely. This is more on how to face common problems involving your relationship. If there is anything in your partner that you are not comfortable with, tell him or her directly. It can hurt if your partner discovers such an issue from outside sources. Information coming from a third party may be inaccurate. When your partner gets the wrong information, this can result in conflicts and misunderstandings. Eventually, the trust between the two of you will drastically deteriorate.

  4. Try to overlook a mistake. Like other couples out there, your partner may do something that is not pleasing to you. But should you keep dwelling on that mistake every now and then? The answer is “no.” Overlooking a mistake is not only a matter of forgiving your partner, but also learning to look forward and hope that something better will happen in the days to come.

  5. Keep a positive outlook. You would not want your partner to see you as a person that keeps on releasing negative energies. The necessity of keeping a positive outlook comes in when your partner is in serious trouble, and he or she needs someone to reveal the brighter side of the story. It is a matter of saying that when your partner is in darkness, be the light that brightens the way. In so doing, you can expect your partner to do the same for you in times to come.

  6. Share happy moments. Laughing together, tickling each other, or doing funny things that you both love can improve the intimate bond between the two of you. Other than trust and confidence, light moments can also fuel the relationship to progress further. If the nearby museum has a scheduled exhibit and your partner is interested in going there, join him or her. If there is a movie that interests you both, have fun by watching the movie together.

Being in a relationship is not only difficult at times but also challenging. You may find it hard to comprehend how you should react when your partner is around. While you want to show who you really are without any pretentions, you can’t afford to mess up with your love affair. However, you can still try harder on how to act in a relationship especially when you and your partner are facing certain problems.


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