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how to apologize to a friend

how to apologize to a friend

Friendship is a gift from God. According to Aristotle, “Friendship is a single soul that dwells in two bodies.” From this definition, some people consider their friend as a brother or a sister. Friends are always there to understand. They often lend a helping hand in times of trouble. Because of the very special bond that friendship brings, many people try to avoid hurting their friends. In case you can’t reach out anymore, try learning how to apologize to a friend in a nice way. To apologize means to express regret. Your apology must carry complete acceptance of your mistake. You may find it difficult to say sorry, but you have to do it in order to mend a broken relationship. Below are the tips that can surely help you through.

  1. Apologize at the earliest opportunity. If possible, say sorry right after the argument. That will show you really regret what you have done. If you allow the disagreement to continue for a number of days, you are slowly losing your chance to have your friend back. Time will create a gap between you and your friend.


  2. Explain yourself. As you explain, admit your mistake. Say that you didn’t mean to hurt him or her, although there were unfortunate circumstances that aggravated the situation. You have to explain to your friend why you have done such a wrong. However, your explanation must not alter the fact that you have hurt your friend nor make it appear that you are making excuses.

  3. Show your sincerity. Accepting your mistake must be preceded with sincerity. You must let your friend feel that you are greatly saddened by the unfortunate mistake that you have committed. Establish direct eye to eye contact while explaining. Avoid gestures that are very antagonistic, such as crossing your arms or looking at the ground. Don’t be defensive in any way.

  4. Say sorry through a letter. If you cannot stand the heat of asking for an apology face to face, then you can write your apology on a piece of paper and send it to your friend. The length of your letter of apology depends on the gravity of your offense. The graver your fault, the lengthier your apology. Your letter must emphasize that you are deeply sorry. Stress too that you are available anytime to explain your side, or you are hoping to talk to him or her at the soonest possible time.

  5. Swallow your pride. Since you have committed an error, you have to prepare yourself to accept all the blame. You have to lower your pride and be humble. Think of the brighter side of the coin. Your goal is to save your friendship, and not to prove your case.

  6. Listen to your friend. You have to be attentive to show that you truly accept your fault. Your friend might say words that are unpleasant to hear, but just take them one by one. That will help set the record straight.

  7. Treat your friend to something good. After saying sorry, it is a good idea to have a sumptuous meal or a simple cup of coffee. Play the kind of game you both enjoy, go to the beach, or watch movies together.

Sometimes, friends are so sensitive that you have to be extra careful with their feelings. The longer the friendship, the bigger the responsibilities you have for each other. Thus, if you have hurt your friend knowingly or unknowingly, refer immediately to the tips above on how to apologize to a friend.


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