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how to apologize to your husband

how to apologize to your husband

There are many ways for how to apologize to your husband such as saying “I am sorry.” Sometimes you have to apologize even when you are not at fault. Since the key to a successful relationship is better communication and understanding, a sincere apology can bring wonders into your married life. You do not want to hurt your husband any further by being so insensitive and not mindful of the mistakes that you have done. If you are not sure on how to ask for forgiveness, the tips below can surely help you:

  1. Set aside your ego. The most potential factor that can hinder you from being able to express regret is your ego. Recognize that your ego is nothing compared to your husband, your love for him, and to your marriage. Rather than striving to win the argument, why not choose to end it by setting aside your ego? Even if your husband will not comfort you, especially if the situation has been very hurtful to him, just surrender your pride.

  2. You must be sincere.

    hink of the hurtful action that you have committed against your husband. Ascertain how willing you are to settle everything that will help you bring out those sincere sentiments as you ask for forgiveness. If you are convinced that you really caused him serious pain, he must be interested to know if you are really sorry. Your sincerity will not only restore your relationship but will also clear your conscience.

  3. Be specific. You must have seen on TV a husband trying to apologize and his wife says, “You are sorry for what?” Out of nowhere the husband answers, “I don’t know, but I am really sorry.” That kind of reply will not solve the problem but will only result in more complications. In other words, a blanket apology is obviously insincere. To validate the feelings of your husband, express your sorrow for a specific offense. This will make him realize that you recognize his grievance.

  4. Apologize to him. Other than saying “I am sorry,” you can try giving him a token or a letter. If you choose to give him a token, it is required that you add a note asking for forgiveness. Don’t presume that your gift is as good as saying you are sorry. Visit the nearby gift shop and buy anything that he likes. Wrap it properly and give it to him. If you get a positive response, he is likely ready to listen to you.

  5. Explain your side. The word “explaining” is not the same as “arguing.” This means that you should maintain a low tone of voice while talking. Since your objective is to be forgiven, you are neither in a position to justify yourself nor to argue with your husband. If you feel tears are falling while talking with him, just let them flow. This will further confirm that you are indeed honest in asking for his forgiveness.

  6. Listen to what he has to say. Once your husband starts to talk, listen very carefully. A typical gentleman has very few words, so you should not fear that he will exaggerate the offense that you have done. If he asks you to promise to him that you won’t make such a mistake again, express a commitment instead of a mere promise. This will impress him more. If you are lucky, you can get a sweet kiss and a warm embrace thereafter.

If you feel that your husband is reluctant to accept your apology, don’t hold that against him. Instead, choose to step up to finally end the conflict. You will lose nothing if you say you’re sorry first. Think about you’re giving an apology because you love your husband and you want to save your relationship. These tips should have given you ideas on how to apologize to your husband in a nice way.


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