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how to apologize to your wife

how to apologize to your wife

Committing mistakes cannot be avoided – and apologies are not always easy.  How to apologize to your wife can be done in many ways.  The result surely will lead to a stronger and rekindled relationship.  Here are some valuable suggestions to consider:

  1.  Assess the situation.  Analyze what really transpired and identify who made the mistake.  If it was you, then by all means accept that you must ask for forgiveness.  The sooner the better.  If it wasn’t you then try to explain the matter so she will understand where she made a mistake. Insist on open communication and don’t let her resort to a cold shoulder treatment. If things get complicated, then compromise and learn from it.  It is not wise to say sorry when you are not at fault.

  2. Don’t let pride get in the way.  Remember that your wife is your better half.  She understands you more than anybody else, especially when you have been together for a long time.  Pride should not be a hindrance for you to kiss and make up.

    sible, settle everything in the shortest time to avoid more bickering and hurtful actions. Unsettled matters will lead to unhappiness and discontent.  Don’t make this ruin your relationship.  Being happy is more important than your ego.

  3. Be ready with the action plan.  There are several ways to express it.  Giving her flowers, chocolates or any of her favorites as peace offerings can do wonders.  Almost always, she will give you a smile outright and the rest is easy.  Communicate well and tease her with a hug or a kiss.  Most women soften when you are sweet and gentle to them.  If she still doesn’t give in, don’t give up so easily.  Try harder.

  4. Be creative.  Aside from actually apologizing, asking your wife for a date at her favorite restaurant to make up for your shortcomings would be lovely. If going out on a date is not possible due to a tight schedule or budget constraints, going home early from work to spend quality time with her can do the trick.

  5. Be sincere.  This is the most important thing in asking for an apology.  Don’t just say your regrets and repeat the same mistake again.  No matter how you do it, it won’t work anymore when it becomes habitual.  Remember that even if your wife loves you, she also has feelings and the hurt will go deeper when you keep on committing the mistake.  It will make her think that you are just taking her for granted.

How to apologize to your wife is not that hard when you are sincere. A wife can be the most patient and understanding person.  Normally, it is love that binds you together and her love for you can make her very forgiving.  Just make sure not to make the same mistakes over and over again or her love and patience will simply jump out of the window.  Your goal is to put everything back in order and live a harmonious life together until you are old and gray.


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