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How to Apply Evening Eye Makeup

How to Apply Evening Eye Makeup

During the day, the bright light reveals your features more clearly, which lessens the need for makeup. However, when the sun goes down, you'll need a bit more definition to bring out your best facial features and make a good impression. To really showcase your most attractive features when the sun goes down, here are the steps for how to apply evening eye makeup:

  1. Your eyes are the most expressive and attention-grabbing feature of your face, so it's only logical to highlight this asset with makeup. Start by cleansing your face with a mild, non-comedogenic product that is appropriate for your skin type.

  2. Apply foundation evenly all over your face, making sure not to layer it too much, which would result in a caked-on appearance that shows fine lines.

  3. If you have dark under-eye areas, cover these up with a yellow-based, lightweight cream concealer and finish with translucent powder to set the application.

  4. Apply a neutral-hued eyeshadow on the entire lid.

    This serves as your base, evening out your skin tone and helping the makeup stay on longer. For best results, use an eye primer or a neutral eyeshadow that goes from cream to powder so the application does not smudge or fade. To avoid creasing, never put concealer on your lids.

  5. Using a black eyeliner, whether in liquid or pencil form, line your upper lash line while pulling your lid outward a bit so the skin is taut, making it easier for you to draw the line. You can also draw small dashes, instead, and later smudge these together with a small eyeliner brush or a Q-tip. Start the line on the area above your pupil and move towards the outer corner, and then draw the line or dashes from the inner corner of your eye toward the center, where you first started, so that the line meets. Make sure that you extend the line beyond the outer corner of your eye, making it slant a bit upward toward your temples to make your eyes appear wider.

  6. Apply a bit of bronzer on your lid's crease or a semi-dark shade of beige to define this area. Blend the color with a brush, with strokes that go up and outward towards your temples. You can also use other colors; just make sure that the deepest color is applied on the outside corner of your lid to add definition and depth, with the lighter hue brushed on the lid itself. Deep violet is flattering for various eye colors, so use this shade if you want to stay on the safe side.

  7. Apply a bit of highlighter or shimmery powder on the center of your lids to brighten up your eyes.

  8. Line or dot black liner on the lower lids, starting from the outer corners and going towards the nose. Blend your handiwork with a brush or Q-tip.

  9. Curl your lashes, making sure that you grab the hair near the roots for maximum effect. Then, apply two coats of mascara, passing the wand from the roots to the tips, wiggling as you go to avoid clumping.

  10. For added drama and expression, you can use fake eyelashes. First, check the length of the faux lashes with your lids and trim them accordingly so they fit. Next, apply eyelash glue to the strips and lay them on your lids, right above your natural lashes. If you're not as handy with these fragile things, you can cut the fake lashes in half and just stick them to the outer corners. See to it that the lashes are not too thick, too long, or too spiky.

Learning how to apply evening eye makeup correctly takes a bit more time. However, with constant practice, you'll get the look you want down in a jiffy. To make your evening beautification ritual a relaxing adventure, set aside sufficient time to ensure you step out of your door confident and alluringly ready for the night.


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