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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you are a brown-eyed lady, there are several ways to accentuate your eyes. You must learn how to apply eye makeup for brown eyes to make the most of your eye color. The secret is in the mixing of the colors. It’s a matter of combining shades that complement each other and accentuate your eye color. Consider the following tips:

  1. You may apply an eye primer over your eyes. This helps to keep the eye shadow in place, but it is not mandatory. Apply a base color in one of the following shades: maroon, deep blue, light brown, deep green, purple, or pink. All of these colors go well with brown eyes. Note, however, that the base color will not be very obvious. You will add more colors to it as you go along. Apply this all over the eye lid up to the crease line. A creamy base color will make the eye shadow combination long-lasting.

  2. Brown should be the crease color. Apply it in a windshield-wiper motion: meaning from the end of the eye crease going inward. Use a blender brush to blend the base and the crease color.

    The outcome will look more natural. Blend well even if it takes time, and balance the application on both eyes.

  3. Apply the highlight color on your brow bone using a small, pointed brush. Choose light pink, shimmery white, or any other tone that is lighter than your skin color. This is very important as the highlighting helps to pull together the colors applied below it. Again, make sure you apply the color symmetrically to both eyes.

  4. Apply eyeliner to emphasize the frame of the eyes. Trace a line on the upper eye lid and the water line. Use brown eye pencil for a subtle effect or brown-black eyeliner for a striking look. Avoid making it very thick. You want to keep the aura somewhat natural. You can also use liquid eyeliner. Pencil is smudge-free, but liquid eyeliner can give very distinctive lines. Make sure your brush is very thin so that it enhances the details of the eye shadow. Some people are not comfortable without eyeliner. When they look in the mirror, it seems like something is missing. This is normal because eyeliner emphasizes the shape of the eye. Uniform application on both eyes is necessary.

  5. Another optional makeup item is shimmer. Add a dot of sparkly, light-colored eye shadow to the inner corner of each eye to make your brown eyes shine. Applying an under-eye concealer is ideal if you have eye bags. Start at the inner corner of the lower eyelid and drag the concealer stick or your finger to the outer corner. It will hide the dark circles or discoloration and emphasize your beautiful brown eyes. The concealer should not be obvious, so blend it well with your skin for best results.

Learning how to apply eye makeup for brown eyes is easy. Brown is an earth color and there’s no restriction when blending it with other colors. Constantly practice applying eye makeup and you will develop these skills sooner or later. You will soon discover your favorite color combination and learn to match your eye makeup with your outfits and with your mood.


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