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How to Apply Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

When it comes to eye color and makeup, you won’t have difficulty emphasizing your brown eyes. Brown eyes can be enhanced with any makeup shade. Here are a few simple tips on how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes:

  1. Clean your eyes with a damp but soft cotton ball to remove excess oil and dirt before putting on eye cream. Let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a thin layer of eye cream under the eye section. Smooth some concealer around your eyes until it is incorporated in your skin. This will balance your skin tone for a flawless look.

  2. Choose two contrasting colors: a light shade or more neutral shade for the base and a dark one to contour the shape of your eyes are ideal. Apply the lighter color throughout your eye folds then the darker one on your eyelids. Recommended color combinations include: mustard and blue, peach and green, and purple and gold. Try these suggestions out and see what works best for you.

  3. Exaggerate the application of a golden tone for elegant brown eyes.

    Apply a light shade of green as your base eye shadow. Start from the lash line all the way to your eyebrows. Switch to a darker green and brush it along your lash line, covering the entire crease of your eye. A quick dust with a gold eye shadow will highlight the color combination. This should neutralize both shades, making for a simple but elegant look that is appropriate for formal occasions.

  4. Brighten your eyes using the combination of peach and olive green. Apply the peach shade over your eyelid and under the eye area. Extend the peach lining a bit towards the outer end of your eyes. Brush some olive green eye shadow and then apply it on your crease using inward strokes. Darken the olive green eye shadow in areas you want to minimize or deepen to correct the shape, e.g. at the end of a bulging eye ball just above the crease if it bothers you.

  5. Emphasize the frame of your brown eyes with eyeliner. Automatic eyeliner can do the job well. Use a deep emerald color to put emphasis on the natural shape of your eyes. Just apply eye liner on top of the lash line, but you can also line the top and the bottom of the lash for a bolder look.

  6. Highlight your tear duct by using a light eye shadow. The area covered should include the lower part of your eye brows.

  7. Coat your eyelashes with waterproof, black mascara to show off your eyelashes. Black mascara will thicken the strands of your lashes with just a couple of coats. You may curl them first using a curling device for a bit of sophistication. Avoid overdoing the eyelashes – they can become clumpy with several coats.

When you’re able to highlight your best facial features using eye makeup, you are already doing part of the job of a makeup artist. It’s even better if you can do eye contouring using eye shadow and eyeliner only. Learn how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes to enhance your appearance.


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