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how to apply lawn fertilizer

how to apply lawn fertilizer

Maintaining a grass turf requires a lot of effort. Brown spots among your grass foliage and fast growing weeds are disappointing.  Proper care and attention are crucial in generating an attractive lawn. Learn how to apply lawn fertilizer for the nourishment of your grass field. The following information might help:

  1. Fertilizers help cure the deficiency of your lawn’s soil. It regenerates the roots and provides new grown leaves to the grass. Fertilizing lawns can also help in reducing weeds and aid in making the turf safe from the damages insects and pests can bring. A quality fertilizer contains balanced nutrients for the nourishment of your grass. It has an equal amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. These three main ingredients are beneficial to your grass. Before buying a fertilizer, identify its contents.

  2. Determine the needs of your grass field. The application of fertilizers may vary based on the needs of your grass. Make sure to pick the right amount of element for your lawn before applying it.

    ollow the given instructions from the package to avoid improper use of fertilizers. Stored left-over fertilizer is not advisable to use in the next fertilizing season. So, buying just enough for a single use is a wise decision. Never supplement other chemicals like pesticides at the same time – it will have conflicting effects on your lawn. A weed killer fertilizer can be used if there are already mounting weeds in your lawn.

  3. Identify the type of your grass before applying lawn fertilizer. Different types of grasses grow in different seasons. Some cool-season grasses like fescue and blue grass may be fertilized during fall. It would be more efficient to fertilize them before the arrival of winter. Warm-season grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda will grow well if fertilized in the spring or after summer.

  4. There are many kinds of fertilizers available in garden stores. Just choose the precise one for your lawn. You may try a liquid fertilizer because it works quickly. Its nutrients can easily penetrate through the roots and leaves.  Use a garden hose to connect into the container filled with the solution of water and liquid fertilizer. Walk around your lawn gradually while spraying the solution evenly.

  5. Granular fertilizer is usually the most common fertilizer for gardeners. You can choose from fast or slow acting formulas. It depends on your local weather conditions and your lawn’s needs. This can be applied easily using a spreader. A spreader is a useful tool in applying granular fertilizer. Set up the desired flow of the spreader with the right amount of fertilizer to be applied before the application. Watering your field of grass right after spreading granules will help in preventing grass burns or other serious damages.

  6. To be safe from grass burns or damages, opt for organic fertilizers because they have a worry-free formula. Organic fertilizers are proven effective on any kind of plants. Creating good compost and applying it to your lawn can have a very obvious result.  You can turn your compost into fertilizers in various ways. A compost tea or organic liquid fertilizer contains high quality nutrients. It quickly penetrates to the soil and leaves to help boost the grass. You can also produce a good organic stimulant from your grass clippings. It is indeed a wise initiative to choose fertilizers that are economical and environmentally-friendly.

Following the right timing for the application of fertilizers and knowing the right amount of fertilizers for your lawn will definitely generate a breath-taking landscape.  How to apply lawn fertilizer can never bring you down if you perform some research.


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