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How to Apply Makeup on Dark Skin

How to Apply Makeup on Dark Skin

Learning how to apply makeup on dark skin is not as arduous as many people believe. The final results can be beautiful if the colors are right and the makeup is blended properly to highlight the features. The secret is in the luster. Try these tips:

  1. Pick the foundation and powder that match the color of your skin. Oiliness is apparent on dark skinned individuals because dark colors absorb light. The shade of the foundation must be close to the skin tone to prevent a chalky or muddy look. Test the foundation by patting small amounts of it around your jaw in circular, upward motions using a sponge. Observe carefully to see if it sets in nicely after a while. If it does, then go for it.

  2. Use water-based foundation or liquid foundation to avoid adding oil to your skin. Apply it thinly to avoid overwhelming your skin. Pat some loose powder on for a smoother finish. There’s also an organic but incredibly seamless foundation going under the trademark of Josie Maran. It is tinted with an SPF-30 moisturizer and goes for only $38.


  3. Use sheer blush that complements your skin color. A golden touch is glamorous, ideal for special occasions. Avoid using brown and peachy shades. These will not work for your skin tone. Try deep orange, rose and coral, colors that will emphasize your cheekbones. For extremely dark skin, use the rose pink shade during the daytime. You will also look hot with the shades of wine, plum, and bronze for nighttime events.

  4. Avoid applying white or luminous eye shadow. Instead, choose from blue, tan, bronze, metallic, and dark brown eye shadows for a good balance with your skin color. If you want to use silver eye shadow, never blend it with gold. They will contradict each other.

  5. Run the eye shadow brush on your chosen eye shadow. Dust it over your eyelid carefully. You can also create a smoky-eye look by using just one dark eye shadow. Dust it heavily on the eye fold and gradually lessen the shade towards the ends. Balance the application on both eyes. You can put a bit of silvery eye shadow around your eyes for a radiant look.

  6. Use dark brown or black eyeliner to emphasize the shape of your eyes. Bright-colored eyeliners will not work on dark skin. Kajal pencil is ideal for emphasizing the frame of your eyes, starting from the top eyelid. Thicken the traces using black eyeliner for a bolder look. Work on the bottom eyelids too. Light brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid and dark brown eyeliner on the tuck of the lower lid is ideal for daily application. It also makes the eyes look sharper.

  7. Only use quality mascara to avoid making a mess. Waterproof mascara is a good choice if you want to avoid blotting in extreme weather– hot or cold. Curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. This will enhance your femininity.

  8. Dull and light shades of lipstick work best with dark skin. Line your lips using a lip liner that is just a bit darker than your lipstick. Glossy pink or coral tint make good fillers. If you prefer darker shades for nights out, opt for the shades of burgundy or mahogany.

Learning how to apply makeup on dark skin is just as interesting as applying makeup on fairer skin. If you know how to play with colors, you can help bring out your distinct features.


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