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How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger

How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger

Makeup not only covers up blemishes and enhances your appearance, but it can also take a couple of years off. Although not everyone can achieve this effect, this doesn't mean that you can't, especially with these simple and easy tips on how to apply makeup to look younger:

  1. Putting on heavy makeup does not guarantee you a youthful appearance. In some cases, it can even make you look older. The key to anti-aging makeup is using the right products and the right techniques, not slathering on quantity foundation and other makeup.

  2. Before applying makeup, wash your face and apply a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer while your skin is a bit damp. Using those with anti-aging properties is a smart choice as it also helps rejuvenate your skin. You can use a BB cream, sheer liquid foundation, or a tinted moisturizer of the right shade, although a yellowish shade is recommended, as it warms up your skin. Keep in mind that powders only settle in the fine lines of your face and emphasize them.

  3. Dot the foundation on various areas of your face and spread evenly with clean fingers or a makeup sponge.

    What's good about using your fingers is that the warmth from your digits can help even out the foundation. Just make sure your fingers are thoroughly clean before you do this. However, if you still need a bit more practice in the foundation application department, use a damp sponge, as this can absorb some of the tint and make your base coverage sheer.

  4. Apply liquid concealer on blemishes or dark spots. A liquid formula does not result in a cakey appearance unlike powders. Makeup artist Sue Devitt recommends using a concealer pen, as its formulation has a wax base and gives good coverage without seeping into fine lines.

  5. If you must use powder, choose a translucent non-tinted one. You can apply this after you're done with the foundation and concealer to set your base.

  6. Avoid creating dark, strong brows; use brown brow pencils or powders in a shade lighter than your original coloring. Fill in your brows so they look lush and full without appearing too made up. You can brush on the color for a more natural and even effect.

  7. Curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara from roots to tips using a wiggling motion to prevent clumping. If you don't have too many lashes, wearing falsies is a great, age-defying solution, as these give your eyes a lift.

  8. When applying eyeliner, wing it out at the outer corners to add an extra lift to your eyes. Use an eyeliner brush to achieve this cat eye effect. With constant practice, you can pull off this look with more ease. Also, pick dark brown or brown liners; black may appear too harsh and make you look older.

  9. Add some shimmer for that youthful glow. Dab some on the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bones just under the outer curve of your brows.

  10. A cream blush gives you that dewy, rosy look. Apply just enough on your cheek bones to achieve a natural-looking flush.

  11. Stay away from dark colored lipsticks and tints. Go for light-hued plumping lip glosses or lip color for a more youthful look. Roses, pinks, peaches, light corals, and mauves take the years off your face and even make your lips fuller and thicker.

To rejuvenate your makeup, you can spray a bit of water on your face and pat your skin lightly with clean facial tissues. Isn’t learning how to apply makeup to look younger just a breeze?


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