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How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is ideal for evening wear. It definitely adds a dramatic effect to your aura. It is easy to learn how to apply smokey eye makeup and eventually become an expert in it. Here are simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Begin by cleaning your face. Apply moisturizer and let it stay on for a while. This will prevent your concealer or mineral foundation from looking cakey. Now apply concealer on your eye area, including the area below your lower lids where dark circles usually appear. You can use mineral foundation instead of concealer or make use of both. Apply a generous amount and blend it with your natural skin. A shade lighter than your natural skin color is ideal.

  2. Draw a line just above your upper lashes using a black eye liner. You can start applying a thin line first but gradually make it thicker as you work your way out. There is no need to worry if you can’t do it perfectly in a straight line - because the eye shadow will hide minor imperfections.

  3. Using the same black eyeliner, draw a thin line as close to your lower lash line as possible.

    You have the option of drawing all the way to the inner corner or stopping one third of the way to add a little twist. Either way, you will create a good smokey effect. You can use liquid eyeliner if you are more comfortable with that.

  4. Apply a neutral shade like almond all over your lids right up to the brow. Distribute it evenly on both eyes.

  5. Apply a dark shade of eye shadow (like dark brown or gray) on the outer corner of your eyelid up until the crease. Blend it anyway you like, making sure you do the same for both eyes.

  6. Apply a lighter shade of metallic shimmer (of the same base color as the dark eye shadow you used earlier) from the crease until a little above it. Blend well to come up with an extended shade ranging from a dark color to a slightly lighter and shimmering shadow.

  7. To complete the look, curl your eyelashes with the use of an eyelash curler and apply “volumizing” mascara. Two coatings should be enough, but make sure you allow the first coating to dry before the second application. There is no need to apply mascara on the lower eyelashes as they can smudge easily, especially if you sweat in that particular area.

  8. Apply a light shade of lipstick. A dark lipstick can steal the attention away from your eyes – so, refrain from using dark shades if you intend to make your eyes the center of attention. Lip gloss can also be used instead of lipstick to make your lips lightly colored but shimmering.

When learning how to apply smokey eye makeup, there should be no complications because you basically stick to one color or shade. Invest in quality makeup brushes to make the job easier. The proper application of makeup can make a big difference in your appearance. You can use standard smokey eye makeup during the day and then elaborate on it at night. Eye makeup makes a very significant contribution to your overall look.


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