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How to Arch Eyebrows

How to Arch Eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows is a subject that may make you raise your eyebrows, or again, it may not. But it’s certainly a valid one. Eyebrows frame the eyes, bringing out its shape, color, and beauty; they also help greatly in adding expressiveness to the face. They perform an important function by helping keep sweat and water (from rain, for example) from falling into the eyes, providing a natural way for external moisture to be diverted to the sides and away from the eyes. They add beauty to the face, and when shaped and arched neatly, serve to add a youthful, sexy appearance without seeming too obvious. The steps below will help you to get arched eyebrows. Read, try it, and see for yourself just how much arched eyebrows can improve your look. You will need a mirror, an eyebrow pencil, tweezers, and maybe an ice cube if you need something to deaden the pain. Some people find an eyebrow template useful; it can be bought in the beauty aisle of grocery stores and also in cosmetics stores.

  1. Looking into the mirror, hold the pencil parallel to your nose and along the inner corner of the eye.

    The point where the pencil intersects with your brow is where the inside point of your eyebrow should begin. Mark this point with your eyebrow pencil. Don’t go beyond this point towards the middle, otherwise you risk getting a unibrow.

  2. Hold the pencil diagonally from the corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Mark the point at which the pencil intersects with your brow. This is where your eyebrow should end.

  3. Find the arch. Hold the pencil diagonally again, this time from the corner of your nostril to the spot just above where the pupil of your eyes would be if you looked straight ahead. The point where the pencil intersects with your brow—usually three quarters of the length of the entire brow starting from the inside point—is the spot where your arch should be. Some people have a pronounced arch, which you can simply enhance; but if not, or if your brows are too thick or too bushy, this step should help you find the ideal spot. Again, mark the spot with your pencil.

  4. Fill in your brows to give you a guide on the shape that you like. The inner point should be thicker than the outer. With your pencil, you can experiment with the angle of the arch; a smooth curve looks nicer and is more ideal, but if you want a pronounced curve for some reason, then you can go with it. The trick is to make the arch look natural. It should not be sharply angled as this looks cartoonish. If you have an eyebrow template, you can use it like a stencil to draw in the shape over your natural brow.

  5. Now for the hard part: plucking. If this is your first time and you find it painful, you can try wetting a hand towel or T-shirt in warm water and then pressing it over your eyebrow. Do not rub the towel around to avoid smudging the pencil lines. Hopefully, the warmth of the towel will open the pores somewhat and serve to lessen the pain. Still, it’s going to sting the first time; the more often you do it, the less it will hurt. But back to the plucking: Remove hair under the brow that is growing outside the shape you’ve filled in. Try to pluck with the goal of adjusting the shape of the brow instead of creating an entirely new shape. Don’t thin it out too much. And pluck very sparingly above, if at all. If the eyebrow hair is growing from the shape you’ve drawn but the tip curls away at an awkward angle (it does happen), don’t pluck the hair out; instead, trim the hair with small scissors.

By following the advice above on how to arch eyebrows, you should have a neat, nicely shaped brow in no time.


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