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how to ask a boy out

how to ask a boy out

Knowing how to ask a boy out is not a tradition for many cultures, but it does happen. This is also pleasing to some guys although some are intimidated by it. Well, it’s now the 21st century, and if you feel that you’re not the type who will just wait around for the boy to make the first move, then you can blame it on these modern times that drove you to initiate the dating game. Try the following if you think that you are bold enough to do it your way:

  1. Be generous with the person by packing him an extra meal for lunch if you happen to notice the guy you like at work. This should be enough for him to find a way to be grateful to you. It can definitely start a conversation. If the attraction is mutual, he probably will ask you immediately to have lunch with him the next day to return the favor. Whatever his next move may be, at least you’ve shown your interest in him already.

  2. When you are already acquainted with him, ask him whether he’s interested in joining you on an adventure trip or an excursion you’re planning to do with your friends.

    e is not into that, you can ask him what he’s up to, and perhaps you can suggest meeting him somewhere as well. Meet up with him as your escort if you are not familiar with his hang-out places. Of course, do some research already about his routines so that you won’t be shocked if the place is not suitable for women.

  3. Bring him to join a party with your friends. Make it known that you will look like a couple and not just mere friends. You will not want to find out later on that he is after a friend of yours he met from that party. Do this only, however, if he did not show any resistance from your intimate gestures. Try to be nice and sweet instead of showing sexual advances. He might misinterpret your signals.

  4. Going to the movies is a normal dating activity. You can express your desire to watch a certain movie but that you have no one to go to with. A normal guy will not let go of this innocent flirting. But if he seems too naïve not to get the hint, ask him directly if he is free to go to the movies with you. He will have plenty of excuses if he’s not interested in being with you at all, but he will be very glad that you’ve asked if he at least likes you.

  5. Observe what the guy is fond of doing and ask if you could participate. If he belongs to a basketball team, ask him when and where is his next game and if you can watch with his personal invitation. Men like women who are interested in their hobbies. You will be thrilled if he gives you a VIP ticket. If he happens to ignore you during the game, then you should already get the message that he has different priorities.

You will need to be courageous on how to ask a boy out. It pays to be persistent, but know when to back off. You do not want to be perceived as a stalker. Women are still better off to be the weaker sex. Being feminine, patient, and reserved will give more value to your womanhood. Make sure to preserve it for the right man.     


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