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how to assess learning styles

how to assess learning styles

The world now is evolving and gone are the days when learning has to happen only in a classroom. Different teaching techniques are being developed, adapted, and implemented. And so, a good educator should know how to assess learning styles. Every person is unique and learns differently, which is important for teachers to realize. This can make educators more effective with their students. Below are the various types of learners:

  1. Visual learners: They learn more visually. They observe and learn at their best when they can see it visually. For example, if you are teaching about blood flow in the heart, it’s best for these learners if there are illustrations. Visual learners also prefer learning with flashcards, visual aids, and written repetition. They appreciate the use of flow charts and diagrams.

  2. Auditory learners: They learn more through hearing. These types of learners can sit and listen to lectures and learn from them well. They might use a tape recorder to record important information to play back to help them memorize it.


  3. Kinesthetic learners: They learn through movement and tend to use all senses. Activities like role playing, laboratory experiments, and field trips that involve direct participation work well with these learners. They prefer doing activities to experience hands-on the concept being taught.

Once you understand the different types of learning styles, you can assess your students. Here are tips on doing so effectively.
  1. Include different types of teaching aids and activities in your lesson plan. You can have an audio visual presentation, start group discussions, come up some games, or even experiments.

  2. Be very observant inside the classroom. Try to see who needs help with certain activities and who excels.

  3. Write down specific observations for each student. Make sure that you contextualize the observations with the type of teaching.

  4. Allot one day to make a final assessment. Discuss three different topics in various ways based on the three different learning styles. Afterwards, give a pop quiz.

  5. Talk to your students individually. Discuss if they have a preferred way of studying, what keeps them interested in learning, what activities they enjoy, and their study habits.

  6. Together with your observations, the pop quiz, and your interview, you can now make a conclusion on the learning style of each student in your class.

An individual can have one or two learning styles. Some might even learn well with all three kinds, but there are people who are more inclined or learn more effectively with certain types of teaching. With this information, you can modify your teaching style. If a student is lagging behind, your teaching style may not be suitable for him or her. Help the student and provide extra materials that may fit with their specific learning style. Knowing how to assess learning styles can significantly improve your effectiveness as a teacher, and this will benefits students for sure.


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