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How to Avoid Acne with Healthy Diet

How to Avoid Acne with Healthy Diet

A number of different factors—stress, hormonal imbalance, and allergic reactions—cause pimples. The food that you eat also plays a major role, so it is indeed possible to learn how to avoid acne with healthy diet and keep your skin blemish free. Using topical solutions may help lessen the visible symptoms, but getting proper nutrition gives you lasting and far-reaching effects. Begin your journey to better skin by following these steps today:

  1. Avoid sugar like the plague. A lot of food, especially processed ones, contains glucose, so it's wise to lay off the sweets. Sugar is dangerous for your skin's health because it boosts insulin production, which, in turn, increases testosterone levels in women, thereby leading to inflammation that can cause zits to form.

  2. If you must have dessert, go for dark chocolate, as it actually contains way less sugar than other goodies. The abundant cocoa content means the treat has elevated levels of catechins and procyanidins, which act as antioxidants. These substances have been recognized to help protect cells from the attack of free radicals and are good for the skin.

    void white or milk chocolate, as they have more sugar and dairy ingredients, which may trigger zits, especially for those who have milk allergies.

  3. Remove dairy from your diet or reduce your intake as much as possible because it's associated with acne and other health problems due to the saturated fats and growth hormone it contains.

  4. Fats don't necessarily cause acne; however, the saturated and processed kinds trigger pimple formation, as they elevates arachidonic acid and also clash with omega-3s—the good fats—in your body. Thus, do not eat processed food if you want your skin to be clear of red bumps.

  5. Try to eat organic and fresh foods. For meats, it should not come in a can or a form that makes it unrecognizable from its original source.

  6. Consider the way the food is prepared as well. You may be eating vegetables, but if they're fried or tossed in soy sauce, you're still not doing your skin any good. Go for cooking methods that involve less oil, fat, salt, and processed seasonings. In particular, raw salads or fruits give the full nutritional benefit of eating “live” greens.

  7. Be mindful of the glycemic index (GI) of the food you eat, as a high glycemic load can cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin level. Starchy food, like rice and potatoes, for example, has higher GI levels than yam or the average fettuccini. Also, choose fruits with lower GI numbers, like apples or peaches, so that your insulin levels stay at moderate or low levels. Refer to GI charts online to help you regulate your glycemic load.

If you have recurring acne, the cause may be hormonal changes or food allergies. In these cases, see a medical professional to pinpoint the issues and avoid the foods that lead to pimples. It's also one effective way of how to avoid acne with healthy diet. Finally, complement your healthy diet with exercise and sufficient sleep. Working out can regulate insulin in the body, while at least 7 hours of sleep every night helps you manage stress and keep it low.


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