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how to avoid asthma

how to avoid asthma

If you are asthmatic already, how to avoid asthma attacks has something to do mainly with knowing and staying away from its triggers. Most of the triggers can actually be found inside the house. Do not waste time in investigating what causes your symptoms starting from where you live and then to your community group.  You will surely be relieved to learn that you can still lead a normal and comfortable life even with the condition. Believing the myths will not lead you to the solutions for the problem. Instead, you can be misled by the wrong information. Researching this subject will help a lot in easing your suffering. Details can easily be found over the Internet. Use the circumstances of your asthma attacks in looking for the culprit. You may wonder why you experience shortness of breath every time you lie on your bed. You may want to check for these triggers:

  1. Do not tolerate any smoking inside the house. Besides endangering family members for second-hand smoking, the smell alone is irritating especially to non-smokers.

    How much more for people with asthma? Cigarette smoke can trigger all the symptoms. It might be awkward to not let a visitor smoke, but if you explain the reasons nicely, there should not be a problem. He or she would be sorry watching someone struggling to breathe due to the smoke they released.

  2. Stay away from the skin scales, known as dander, of animals. Cat fur is often blamed to be causing asthma attacks. However, it’s actually not the hair of the pets but the dander created by their saliva when they groom their fur. So it’s irrelevant that long-haired animals cause more allergies. If you can’t help having a pet, then it’s better to take preventive medications like antihistamines. Almost all pets have dander including hamsters.

  3. Beware of dust mites. The tiniest family of ticks is the dust mite. You cannot actually see one, but you can really feel their presence. They thrive in dusty environments. Unsanitary bedding is normally their haven. The curtains are also not spared especially when you seldom wash them. Carpets, mattresses, stuffed furniture, and children’s stuffed animals are also many of their favorite spots. Maintaining their cleanliness is the best thing you must do.

  4. Impose pest control when dwelling in metropolitan areas. It’s difficult to get rid of cockroaches. Their droppings are strong triggers of asthma for a lot of people. Their saliva has the same effect. On top of that, they release a very distinct smell that is already irritating for non-asthmatics. How much more that will be for the sensitive sensory receptors of the asthma-affected individual?

  5. Watch out for molds.  They are parasites of plant or animal matter. These fungi can multiply rapidly in moist areas. They can also release airborne spores that can double immediately whatever surface they land on. Asthmatic people who happen to inhale these spores will really have a hard time. Places with high humidity or where there’s stagnant water will never be safe from molds.

If your dwelling is safe from all of the above, you are already knowledgeable enough on how to avoid asthma, but for some people, success does not come easy. This is a challenge that must be accomplished for your comfort and good health. Living without these tiny irritants means that you are also free from the symptoms of asthma. It’s indeed possible to live a normal life despite the condition if you know what triggers it and find ways to get rid of them. Remember that suffering from the symptoms is much more difficult than keeping your home and surroundings as hygienic as possible. Your health is your main priority.


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