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how to avoid dementia

how to avoid dementia

There have been many heart-breaking stories about people with dementia. The once very sharp and well-admired person can’t even remember his wife’s name now. It’s scary to think that this too can happen to us when we get older. Aside from the 4.5 million Americans living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or A.D., it is also on the rise. A genetics component is vital for the development of dementia, but this can be delayed or prevented by healthy living. Here’s how to avoid dementia:

  1. Take good care of your heart. Vascular dementia is caused by stroke, a disrupted blood supply to the brain slows down one’s mental ability. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels must be controlled to avoid this from happening. If you are already under medication, just make some adjustments to your daily calorie intake and activities. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods as well as getting enough exercise.

  2. Make sure that your diet includes loads of Vitamin B. A.D. patients are found to have higher blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that escalates a dementia risk.

    in B rich foods and folic acid maintains homocysteine levels at their minimum. Vitamin B6 and B12 plus folic acid supplements can help, but fresh sources are the ideal.

  3. Fresh fruits and organic vegetables will have nutrients in them that can hinder brain deterioration. Leafy greens like kale and broccoli are important. Eggplant, purple cabbage, together with winter squash and tomatoes are the kinds of vegetable that must be patronized. Fruit recommendations include papayas and berries. Add walnuts and flaxseed to your list. They are all brain-enhancing foods.

  4. Do not let each day pass without doing at least 15 minutes of exercise. There may be times that you miss this physical activity, but as long as you do an average of 20 minutes 3 times per week with other physical activities like walking or stretching, you’ll be fine. Aside from making body movements, your brain must also be focused on intelligent exercises.

  5. Take advantage of the Omega-3 fats from fish like salmon or raw walnuts. Once a week the intake of these delicacies will immediately lower your risk of developing dementia. Increasing your consumption of Omega-3s will further lessen your chances of acquiring dementia.

  6. Make use of your brain. Idle brains are more likely to forget. If you are not fond of  reading, engage yourself in playing puzzles and word games. It’s like exercising your brain. You can also prevent your brain from declining by memorizing songs and singing them out loud. This can also take away stress.

  7. Do not shy away from the social scene. Homebodies that are anti-social are prone to dementia when they get older. On the other hand, socially active old people are more likely to stay mentally alert because they get to stay in touch with friends and family members.

  8. Control your diabetes. Diabetics are susceptible to many major diseases including dementia. Always test your levels of blood sugar and take the necessary medications prescribed by the doctor as maintenance drugs. As much as possible, stay away from artificial sweeteners. Avoid white carbohydrates because they turn into sugar when digested.

These are some strategies on how to avoid dementia. Aside from taking medications, they all highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and being active are crucial to retain our good mental state all throughout the golden years. Overall, it is a wise idea to have a total lifestyle change for the better during younger years so that we can continue to enjoy our existence when we are older. Life will never be that cruel by then.


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