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How to Avoid Going off Birth Control Side Effects

How to Avoid Going off Birth Control Side Effects

Birth control helps you avoid pregnancy. However, once you decide that you are ready to have a baby or need to stop taking birth control, going off birth control unfortunately has its own set of side effects, such as acne, irregular periods, weight changes, cervical fluid changes, and mood swings. If you simply stop taking the pills without any precautionary measures, you are likely to suffer the full brunt of withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Here are the ways on how to avoid going off birth control side effects:

  1. Discuss going off birth control with your physician. Before you stop taking birth control, check with your doctor. Birth control products work by affecting your hormones, and immediately stopping them can cause hormone imbalances. Your doctor can warn you about these side effects and tell you what to do in case you experience them.

  2. Learn the proper timing of going off birth control. You need to stop taking different birth control methods in different ways. For those taking birth control pills, it is advisable to finish your last pack of pills before stopping so that you can experience a smooth transition.

    If you are taking pills that limit the number of periods you have every year, you should ask your doctor when the right time stop is. For those taking birth control patches, you should remove and stop using the patch at the end of your cycle in order to minimize side effects like mid-cycle bleeding. Those who have vaginal rings or hormonal implants should have a doctor remove them, preferably at the end of their cycle.

  3. Take vitamins and fish oil. One of the side effects of going off birth control is acne. In order for you to minimize its effects, you can take fish oil because it is good for your skin. Other alternatives to fish oil include flaxseed oil, chia oil, and hemp seeds. You should also take multivitamins in order to nourish not only your skin but also your body in general.

  4. Eat a diet high in magnesium and good fats. A balanced diet is important in balancing your hormones and restoring your body to help lessen the severity of the birth control side effects. You should increase your intake of good fats in order to help your body produce a healthy amount of cholesterol, which is the building block of steroid hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Examples of fats that you should consume include cod liver oil, butter, raw milk, and egg yolks. You should also eat foods high in magnesium, which can also help your body restore hormonal balance. They include beans, lentils, avocados, bananas, spinach, and cocoa.

  5. Make some lifestyle changes. Positive changes can help your body cope with sudden hormonal changes. You should get enough sleep and rest to have enough energy for hormone regulation. You should also try to reduce stress as much as possible, since high levels of stress can further aggravate the side effects. One method to relieve stress is exercise. However, you should avoid lengthy exercises and instead focus on doing short but intense workouts to keep your cortisol and testosterone levels low. You can try circuit training and weight training three times a week. You can also do yoga to improve your hormonal balance.

Learning how to avoid going off birth control side effects will help you deal with the aftermath of going off birth control and decrease the severity of any adverse effects that you might experience. Remember that your doctorÂ’s supervision is important in order to smoothly transition to the next phase of your life.


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