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How to Avoid Loose Skin after Weight Loss

How to Avoid Loose Skin after Weight Loss

If you have lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise, chances are you are now faced with the problem of loose skin. Skin is a very elastic organ, and as you grow, it tends to stretch itself to cover your body. When you lose weight, your skin has the capacity to shrink as well, especially the outer layer of your skin, the epidermis. However, if you lose weight very fast, the elastic components of your skin might not have enough time to adapt to the rapid loss of fat that keeps your skin stretched out over your body. If you want to avoid this scenario, here are some tips on how to avoid loose skin after weight loss:

  1. Avoid rapid weight loss. The main culprit of sagging skin is the combination of excessive exercise and crash diets. Even though these two will help you lose a huge amount of weight in a matter of weeks, they will result in loose skin that you will want to get rid of as much as the fat. To avoid this, you should aim for losing a healthy amount of one to two pounds of fat per week. Aside from cardio exercises, you should also make time for some weight lifting and strength training exercises so that you do not lose lean muscle mass.

  2. Drink plenty of fluids. Water is very important in maintaining your skin’s elasticity, so be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Avoid energy drinks, carbonated drinks, and caffeinated beverages since they are dehydrating and tend to rob your skin of the essential nutrients that make it smooth and elastic. Aside from water, you can also drink herbal teas.

  3. Eat proteins. While you should always maintain a balanced diet, eating more protein-rich foods can help restore your skin’s elasticity. Keep in mind that the two substances that make your skin elastic are collagen and elastin, both of which can be found in protein-rich food sources. Eat more cottage cheese, legumes, tofu, beans, milk, nuts, and fish in order to keep your skin healthy. It is especially a good idea to eat 100 to 200 calories of these proteins immediately after your workout for optimum nutrition.

  4. Take care of your skin. Nourishing your skin is important to improve circulation and skin elasticity. Remove the dead cells in your skin through daily exfoliation using a soft-bristled brush prior to showering. The increased circulation will help bring the essential nutrients to your skin, thereby improving the quality of elastin and collagen and helping your skin bounce back after losing weight. You should also take multivitamins to ensure that you are getting enough nutrition, even if you are cutting down on calories. Nutrients that are good for the skin include alpha-lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid.

  5. Get a weekly massage. Massage is a great way to improve circulation to your skin and various parts of your body. Effleurage is a massaging technique that improves circulation and maintains skin health. You may also ask your masseuse to employ techniques that reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you don’t want to get a professional massage, you can massage the areas of sagging skin with lotion or oil.

Not all people suffer from loose skin after losing weight. With the proper management of your weight loss regimen, it will be easy to know how to avoid loose skin after weight loss. Just make sure that you have a realistic and attainable weight loss goal before you proceed with your regimen. There is no need to rush, as you will get your dream body in due time.


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