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How to Avoid Pimples around the Anus

How to Avoid Pimples around the Anus

Some people wonder why those small, irritating, and uncomfortable bumps appear near the opening of their rectum. There are various reasons for pimple growth around the anus. They could be symptoms of a bigger health issue. They could also be caused by hygiene issues. Also, they can be due to a hormonal imbalance or genetics. If these bumps are indeed just one of those skin issues, they're not harmful and can be remedied quite easily. Of course, it's better to avoid having this kind of problem altogether. So, if you want to know how to avoid pimples around the anus, read the following guide:

  1. Pimples, in general, form as a result of clogged pores that are infected with bacteria, later becoming inflamed when not treated properly. To keep this from happening around the opening of your rectum, clean your buttocks thoroughly during your daily shower. Soap and water will do. If you're unable to do this, you can use antiseptic wipes for the genital area, instead. Do this step during your lunch break or before you start your day.

  2. You should clean your buttocks, as well as the area around and near your rectum, with soap and water or antibacterial wipes suitable for sensitive areas of the body after each time you move your bowels.

    Paper towels don't really give you that thoroughly clean result, and that can lead to the proliferation and infection of bacteria.

  3. After cleaning your buttocks and rectal area, make sure that this part of your body is dry before you put on your underwear and clothes. This is because the moisture makes your backside an ideal breeding place for bacteria or other potentially harmful microorganisms.

  4. See to it that the toilet seat is clean and dry before you use it. You can use antiseptic wipes to ensure sanitation. When using public restrooms, use spray sanitizers, wipes, disposable paper toilet seats, or paper towels to clean the seat or protect your rear end from infection.

  5. A few times each week, exfoliate your buttocks and rectal area with a wet wash cloth and body wash or soap so you prevent the pores in these areas from clogging and turning into pimples.

  6. Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothes made of cotton or some other “breathable” material so that your rectal area is well-ventilated and feels fresh. This discourages the development of pimple-causing bacteria. Also, avoid sitting for long periods of time. Stand up every 30 minutes or so in order to facilitate good air and blood circulation in your rear end.

  7. You can apply some cooling powder on your buttocks to help keep this part of your body fresh and dry.

  8. Pimples may develop as a side effect of hair shaving in the more sensitive areas near your rectum. According to Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a little aloe vera gel or cream on the areas subjected to shaving can be applied to calm inflamed skin. Also, if you do shave the area surrounding the anus, make sure that you follow the angle of the hair. Better yet, consider trimming the hairs instead of pulling or shaving them off. See to it that you don't trim it too close to the roots, or else the short and stiff hair will irritate the skin around the rectal opening and may cause bumps to appear.

  9. Include fiber-rich food in your diet so that your bowel movement is easier, more thorough, regular, and not as messy. As such, your body wastes are less likely to linger around near your rectum and contribute to infection.

Another step in how to avoid pimples around the anus is to consult your doctor once you find bumps on your buttocks. This is because these may infect the more sensitive areas and may be symptoms of another health issue.


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