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How to Avoid Razor Bumps

How to Avoid Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are commonly caused by improper shaving, waxing and other methods of hair removal. They are itchy, painful and sometimes lead to skin infection. There are several reasons why razor bumps may recur. To put an end to your worries, you should learn how to avoid razor bumps. Read the tips below:

  1. Don’t use rusty, old razors. They normally cause razor bumps. Purchase good quality razors for your skin. Although they cost more than substandard ones, they function well and will not harm you if you take care of them. They last long too, but you must be vigilant to prevent bacteria from breeding on them. Do not prolong the use of disposable blades to save money.

  2. Limit shaving to the shower room. Spend enough time in the shower to thoroughly clean your body. Use warm water to steam your skin for several minutes before shaving it. Warm water helps to open your pores and to soften your skin and hair. Do not shave against the growth pattern of your hair. Also, never try to shave dry skin.

    Doing this would irritate and cut your skin. Moisturize your skin before applying the shaving cream.

  3. Purchase a reliable and tested shaving cream or gel. Choose one that contains glycerine. It will help to soften your skin and hair quickly. Shaving foam with aloe vera extract will also moisturize your skin better than any shaving cream. A hair conditioner is a good substitute if you don’t have shaving foam. It is certainly better than nothing.

  4. Don’t shave your skin every day, especially if there are existing razor bumps. They will not heal easily if you shave daily. Have a 2-to-3-day break (at the very least) to allow the bumps to heal.

  5. Apply a soothing lotion after shaving. Neosporin helps to restore the moisture of newly shaved skin. It will help your skin regain its natural sheen.

  6. Never pick the existing bumps. You want to avoid infection and possible scarring. Even if your razor bumps cause you much irritation, you should leave them alone. They will heal naturally. You can use an anti-bacterial cream to enhance the healing process. Keep in mind that you must stop shaving the bumps for several days to allow them to heal quickly.

  7. Apply some medicine to the bumps to minimize the discomfort. Hydrocortisone cream will help reduce the inflammation. Apply it to the affected area 3 times daily or as prescribed by your physician. Aspirin tablets can also cure bumps when applied topically. Dissolve a tablet of aspirin in a small amount of water. Apply the softened tablet to the bumps 2 to 3 times daily until they heal.

  8. Consider other methods for removing excess hair instead of shaving. Laser hair removal is a fuss-free way to avoid bumps and unwanted hair. It is considered a long-term solution. However, you will need to pay for several costly sessions before you are free from unwanted hair.

Remember that razor bumps can cause serious skin infection and scarring if not properly treated. Take this advice and learn how to avoid razor bumps today.


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