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How to back up a computer on an external drive

How to back up a computer on an external drive

External hard drives are now becoming essential components of computer systems whether they’re for business or personal use. Aside from being able to store more information, your processor will not slow down. How to back up a computer on an external drive is a very practical thing to learn because you can secure your selected external storage device in  a safe location away from your main frame that is normally a hot target for a thief or prone to other calamities like a fire or flood. USB2 and Firewire are gaining popularity because USB2 ports are now built in to newer computer models. Check the specifications well if you happen to buy a new computer to be sure that it has the faster USB2 ports and not the old USB1 versions. If you are still using an old computer model, you can have the USB2 ports installed using a PC Card type of installer. Back up your computer using an external hard drive by following these instructions:

  1. Evaluate the file sizes you accumulate on a daily basis. Images are larger files than texts. Sound and videos are even larger than the combined images and text files.

    f your computer tasks involve storing space-demanding files, get a powerful storage device that can store accumulated heavy files for a year or two.

  2. Conduct research regarding storage devices that can handle or surpass your requirements. You can do this online or survey the computer outlets near you. This way you can see exactly what they require and can get recommendations from experts.

  3. Invest in external drives that have 20GB storage capacity or more. This is ideal for huge files. They will cost a bit more, but it is better to have more memory capacity than not enough of it. You may not have the need for this kind of external hard drive presently, but it’s important to anticipate upcoming trends as well.

  4. Decide on a specific storage device and make sure that it comes with connecting cables so as not to have to make additional purchases later.

  5. Identify the data that you need to backup. Segregate the data into folders because systematic backups will be very manageable. Name the folder according to the common description of the contents so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

  6. Attach the drive to your computer using the designated port. Use the drag-and-drop options to navigate.

  7. Remove the drive by right clicking on the taskbar on the desktop. You must eject properly to prevent storing faults. This will also make your computer safe from disfigurations that can be caused by another device when the disconnection process is questionable. Wait for the “safe to remove” message to pop up.

  8. Store the external drive away from your computer. This is for the safety of the important files due to unfavorable circumstances that can happen accidentally to your computer. It can only be useful when not lost or damaged.

How to back up a computer on an external hard drive is a simple method of preserving data that you worked hard to create. Computer users must make use of this feature. Crying over spilled milk will not bring back the files if they are not backed up properly. This is the least you can do. If you want to do more, you can purchase an empty hard drive case. You can mount a standard external hard drive inside the case. This way you can be flexible on the brand and model of hard drive that you are going to use.


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