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how to backup computer files

how to backup computer files

There’s no point worrying about the complexities on how to backup computer files because of the many alternatives available these days in terms of storage devices. The use of CD-Rs or DVDs has already progressed to external hard drives. Though this could work well with limited files, there are better options with unquestionable capacity. The mechanics of operating these backups are more or less the same. Often, you’ll be guided with progressing commands that are shown on screen. Whether you end up using a USB, External Drive or just activating the built-in backup method, the instructions are somewhat the same. All you have to do is read carefully and follow the prompts. Here are steps on how to backup computer files:

  1. Decide on a data storage device that matches your requirement. Depending on how much you plan to back up, all you may need could be a small thumb drive, or you may want to go ahead and invest in an external hard drive. Think about your needs and budget to decide on storage capacity and the device to get. You can get advice online or ask sales representatives at electronic stores for help.


  2. Simply connect the storage device to your computer. You can either manually back up your files or run a backup tool. For the former, simply go to your control panel and open the device and drag the files you want backed up into the device.

  3. If you choose to use a backup tool, follow the prompts and select the storage device as the backup location. Let the backup tool run to completion without hibernating or turning off your computer, which will interrupt the process.

Knowing how to backup computer files is a sure way to safeguard important files. Just remember that backup equipment also face the same risks as your computer, although careful handling will minimize them.


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