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How to be More Photogenic

How to be More Photogenic

“Selfie” is one of the oft-used words of late, and one of the biggest trends of the mobile gadget-using generation. However, not all photographs you take (or have others take) of yourself show you at your most flattering. There are some things you can do to remedy this though. Here are useful, tried-and-tested tips on how to be more photogenic.

  1. Take care of your skin; it's the largest organ and the most visible. Not only that, the camera can detect changes in your skin's texture and color. Thus, keeping your skin clear and healthy makes you look better in pictures. Follow a daily skin care regimen that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with products appropriate for your skin type. Also, get enough sleep and exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin and keep your complexion from looking dull.

  2. Blot any oily areas of your face when you're about to have your photograph taken so the shine doesn't show. Oily skin reflects light and never looks good in photos, except in a fitness or sports-themed photo shoot.


  3. When wearing makeup, see to it that your foundation, concealer, and powder match your complexion, are applied properly, and blended well so that you look natural under the cosmetic camouflage. Opt for a sheer or lightweight foundation. Don't forget to put foundation on your neck so your skin looks even and natural.

  4. Define your brows and eyes, so they look more striking on camera. Darken your eyebrows by one shade and fill them in so they frame your face and add balance to your features and makeup. Use eyeliner and a lot of mascara so your eyes “pop.”

  5. Use contouring techniques so your face doesn't look wide. Apply blush that's a bit darker than what you usually use on your cheekbones to add dimension and color to your face.

  6. Wear bright-colored lipstick to brighten up your features, especially your smile.

  7. Some clothes that look good off-cam don't look as sharp in photographs. Therefore, stick to sleek clothing that skims your body's contours or make you look more streamlined. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. They may reveal unflattering bumps and lumps and may also make you feel uncomfortable, which will show in your face or pose.

  8. Smile with your eyes so your grin comes across as natural and adds appeal to your look. However, smiling too wide can crinkle your eyes and reveal more lines on your face.

  9. Always create angles when you pose in front of the camera. Never face the camera directly; it makes you look wider. Instead, turn to the side, bend, or cross one leg over the other; cock a hip away from the camera or put an arm on your waist. For the “hand-on-hip” pose, make sure your arm is angled to the back and not straight out so you look toned and natural. You can practice these angles and poses to find your best side.

  10. Raise the camera and tilt it downward so that you are looking up a bit. This makes your eyes look bigger and your face slimmer and line-free. If you're doing a “group selfie,” hand over the camera to the person in the group with the longest arm.

  11. Have your photo taken at dusk, dawn, or when it’s cloudy. This is because the light then is softer and kinder to your facial features. Noontime is not a good option, as the harsh light can create unflattering shadows and even highlight physical imperfections.

  12. A white backdrop can brighten your look and minimize shadows on your face. Plus, the added brightness gives you a crisp shot.

  13. Do what you can to make yourself feel relaxed in front of a camera. Think of a joke or a recent funny incident so that your laugh or smile is more natural. Also, you will look more relaxed.

A major part of how to be more photogenic is making sure that your hair looks good. Use anti-frizz serums and other hair-care products that can help your mane behave. Soon, you’ll be taking the best selfies.


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