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How to Beat Zeus in God of War 2

How to Beat Zeus in God of War 2

People know Zeus as the god of all gods in Greek mythology. He is definitely a force to reckon with, and this can be seen in the video game series God of War. A popular game series for PlayStation II, God of War is set in ancient Greece and features characters and monsters derived from Greek mythology. The final and biggest enemy in the game is Zeus, who you have to defeat through several mini-battles. Gamers need to employ different tactics in these mini-battles. Follow the tips below to learn how to beat Zeus in God of War 2:

  1. The battle with Zeus begins with him slamming his hands on the ground, creating tremors on the floor. You can avoid these thunderous slams by standing on the sides or far ends of the room. Double jump to avoid aftershocks.

  2. After a while, Zeus will send sirens on the stage, who you can defeat with Chronos Rage. When you see an “O” sign over the heads of the sirens, press the “O” button to activate the Chronos Rage and Atlas Quake spells. The latter can even hit multiple enemies in a large radius.

    er killing all the sirens, your magic meter will be refilled, and you can move on to the next mini-battle with Zeus.

  3. In the next part, you come face to face with Zeus. In order to avoid Zeus’ attacks and lightning bolts, you need to roll around the screen and use the ranged attack of the Blade of Olympus to stun and damage Zeus. This can be done by pressing the triangle and L1 buttons. This is important because you can only attack Zeus with a sword once you have stunned him. Continue with these movements, including the Chronos Rage and Rage of the Titans, until Zeus approaches you and gets the Blade of Olympus.

  4. Even if the Blade of Olympus is gone, you can still evade Zeus’ attacks through your rolling ability. You can also stun Zeus using the Chronos Rage spell, which is best used in proximity. This can be followed by utilizing the Blade of Athena for some quick hits, since this blade has a 360-degree attack circumference. However, be careful not to use too many combos, or you will not have time to dodge Zeus’ attacks as they will be a lot stronger because of the blade of Olympus. To do further damage to Zeus, use the Rage of Titans spell to parry Zeus’ lightning attacks. You can do this by holding the L1 button to counterattack. Keep up the rolling and attacking sequence until a circle appears above Zeus. You need to press the circle button for the final battle sequence.

  5. There will be on-screen button prompts in the final cinema sequence that will end the battle. You need to follow these prompts and also press the circle repeatedly to avoid getting killed. Keep doing this until you topple the pillars found on the sides of the stage over Zeus’ head. You have now defeated Zeus.

Remember that in order for you to defeat Zeus, all your weapons and spells should be fully powered. This will increase your chances of defeating him, although they are not totally essential. The difficulty level that you chose early on in the game will also affect the difficulty of this final battle with Zeus, so the effort needed to figure out how to beat Zeus in God of War 2 varies from person to person. But like all other video games, though it may be hard to win the final battles, it is possible as long as you know some tricks.


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