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how to become a better Christian

how to become a better Christian

Do you know how to become a better Christian? Just going to church every Sunday doesn’t make you a better Christian. The basic values and foundation of your Christian faith must be nurtured thoroughly so it may fully develop. Baptism for the sake of ritual without the faith behind it does not make you a Christian, much less a better one. You have to put into practice Christian principles and teachings, which can prove to be difficult to follow if you do not have the courage and the wisdom of God. It may be difficult to become a better Christian, but if you take a practical perspective, you will see that there are simple steps you can take.

  1. Read the bible. To deepen your Christian faith, you must read the bible as often as you can. It is not enough, however, to just simply read. You must read it effectively, read between the lines, and understand the deeper meaning. Reflect on the message that you get from every reading. You may also want to read other texts that help explain the context and meaning behind the chapters and verses of the bible.

    You can also always talk to your pastor.

  2. Follow the teachings of Jesus. Professing faith is easy, but actually putting it practice is much harder. You should do your best to grow and mature. You must become a changed person and cannot live as you used to, especially if what you used to do is not in line with the teachings of the bible.

  3. Join Christian organizations. The way to becoming a better Christian is neither confined within the four corners of the church nor that of the bible. It is not also confined to just observing Christian sacraments and practices. The true measure of being a good Christian is how you care for your community and the rest of the world as a whole. Whatever may be the nature of your contribution, what is important is that you are able to share the message of the love of God for humanity. The message you are trying to impart may be done either in words or in deeds.

  4. Connect with God as often as you can. Pray wherever you are. Prayer can transform your life. Prayer is powerful because those who seek God will be heard. God said, “Seek and you will find.” In everything that you do, ask for God’s wisdom and guidance.

With the steps above, you will find out in the end that how to become a better Christian requires dedication and a strong love of God. Becoming a better Christian involves daily intercourse with God and his teachings and putting them into practice.


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