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how to become a bookkeeper

how to become a bookkeeper

All enterprises need a bookkeeper to manage financial and accounting documents. Most of a bookkeeper’s duties involve basic accounting expertise. For example, a bookkeeper must keep track of the company’s earnings and spending, as well as manage the payroll. These records, called ledgers or ‘books,’ are the heart of a bookkeeper’s work and should be balanced at all times. However, bookkeepers cannot make the annual financial statements – that is the job of a certified public accountant. Nevertheless, bookkeepers have a very important role in any enterprise. They have the responsibility of organizing the financial part of the company. Because many corporate decisions are based on information in the ledgers, proper recording is crucial. The accountants can’t even do their jobs if the bookkeeper’s tasks are not done correctly. If this sounds like the ideal job for you, here are some tips on how to become a bookkeeper.

  1. Acquire the right skills and knowledge. You can obtain a certification by enrolling in a university or a nearby college.

    diligent in learning all the important topics, especially the proper way to record data and process the payroll. As early as you can, get a feel for these basic accounting transactions, which will give you an edge.

  2. Be knowledgeable in the applicable computer skills. Most companies nowadays use computers and software for all their financial transactions. Learn how to be an efficient bookkeeper with a good computer background.

  3. If you can, while you are taking your educational courses, find a way to apply all the theories into practice. You will discover that learning inside the classroom is very different from real life scenarios. Seek out first hand experiences in accounting transactions.

  4. Foster the right attitude to become a bookkeeper. Since one of your duties is to organize the financial aspect of an organization, practice being a well-organized person. You should also be very meticulous, especially when you are dealing with important data for the company. Be very detailed in all that you do because it will reflect your working habits. There is no room for carelessness.

  5. A successful bookkeeper must also be a trustworthy person. An employer will only want to hire an honest and trustworthy person, as that individual will be dealing with delicate information about the company.

  6. Apply first to small organizations. By doing this, you are getting a feel for your duties in a rather smaller setting. By throwing yourself into a big company, you may get lost and make loads of mistakes. Consider this the time for gaining experience. Later on, you can apply for the bigger companies if you wish. You may want to stay within the same job and company for about two years.

  7. Get certified! The regulatory board has certain qualifications for those seeking certification. You should have at least two years’ experience as a bookkeeper and pass a four-part certification exam. If you wish, you can enroll to colleges or universities to prepare for the examination.

  8. A certified bookkeeper signs a code of ethics, which is highly important to the clients, especially since you will be dealing with a lot of undisclosed information.

  9. Having done this, you can opt to apply to companies that you have been eyeing. Also, as a certified bookkeeper, your salary will be higher than usual.

Couple these tips on how to become a bookkeeper with hard work, dedication, and proper knowledge and skills. With a good number of experiences and recommendations from previous employers, you can reach your dreams.


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