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how to become a cartoonist

how to become a cartoonist

Cartoonists usually possess great talent in drawing. They have artistic talent and imaginative minds. If you are talented in art, then you may be interested in how to become a cartoonist. The job of a cartoonists demands much time and patience. It requires many hours of you just sitting down and squeezing out your creativity. It is a fulfilling job for someone who loves to draw, but it also requires discipline. Presently, cartoons not only appear in newspapers and magazines, but in animated films as well. While comic books remain a popular market, the demand for animated works is on the rise. These are the many possible outlets for cartoonists, and these companies will be demanding much from you.

  1. You do not need a degree to be a cartoonist, but if you would like to hone your natural talent, you can enroll at any art school and focus on cartooning. There are still some advantages in getting proper education in terms of arts. You will learn certain styles and techniques.

  2. Continue to practice.

    Keep on drawing cartoons. Make sure that you try different themes in your drawings so that you can be flexible. You never know what you’ll be asked to draw, so it’s best to be prepared.

  3. Be knowledgeable in using computer programs associated with your line of work. You are not expected to buy one since they tend to be expensive, but at least have a bit of an idea on how they work. Big companies, especially in the movie industry, are using computer programs to increase output.

  4. Make a portfolio of your works. Include your best illustrations. This should represent you as an artist. It is also wise to have variety so you won’t limit yourself to a particular category. For your protection, you can copyright them.

  5. Send your works to various offices. Try newspapers and magazines. Though the competition is a bit stiff, it wouldn’t hurt to try and send your comic strips. You can also try introducing your works to publishing houses. Books, especially children’s books, are in need of illustrations.

  6. If you are rejected, do not lose hope. Nobody said that getting a job is easy. Eventually you will become a cartoonist. Just keep on applying. You can also apply as a freelancer cartoonist.

  7. Show that you have what it takes to be a cartoonist. It is a given that you have talent based on your portfolio. What can set you apart is your dedication to your work.

After you become a cartoonist, make sure that you continue working with passion and the right attitude. Remember that the major steps in how to become a cartoonist involve remaining creative and passionate.


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