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How to Become a Cat Breeder

How to Become a Cat Breeder

Breeding cats sounds interesting when you see those beautiful felines on parade in the cat show. If you are passionate enough in this project, you will need sufficient cash to sustain the breeding method. Give yourself enough time to study how to become a cat breeder. The resources and the process of getting into this endeavour are not that easy to handle. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  1. Socialize with certified cat breeders. If you plan on breeding cats, you need to explore the nitty-gritties of this venture. There are some web sites that provide information and proper procedures in facilitating this. You must also get acquainted with cat show organizers and attend some series of cat shows - wherein you can meet other expert breeders. Furthermore, breeding cats requires a permit. Get accredited by joining an animal organization and register legally. Comply with all the requirements under the law to avoid future problems. You can only buy pedigree cats from registered breeders.

  2. Make sure that you have enough money in the bank.

    Cat breeding is definitely costly. Remember that joining a cat-oriented organization is not free. This will already mark your initial cost, even before the arrival of the breeders.

  3. Buy a healthy and good quality female kitten for breeding. It must be from a trusted and registered breeder. You must be fussy in buying it. The kitten must have a genetically healthy blood line and a good fertility background. Prepare it for the breeding process by first allowing it to be comfortable in its new environment. Ready your funds for regular expenses like veterinarian fees and other clinical bills while taking care of it.

  4. Search for a good quality male pedigree. Meet up with stud breeders you meet in cat clubs. Cat owners of male breeders are sometimes picky in giving their services but others openly advertise their breeding services for a fee. The mating process will be planned usually by the owner of the male cat selected. After a successful mating, the male cat owner will hand-in a contract or proof of pedigree for your future registration of the upcoming kittens. You may keep records, including the exact mating dates, to monitor the female cat’s condition until its big day.

  5. Set-up the breeding room four weeks after your cat is impregnated for the kittens to dwell. Prepare a kitten box where the kittens can be delivered. Re-use something like a television box and put some newspapers in its base. Cut-out an entry point that will serve as a small door for the mother cat to come in and out of the box. Make sure to have enough room for the upcoming kittens. You may need some soft towels to wipe off blood from the newly-born kittens and gloves to keep them sterile. Just place some feeding materials and cat milk on stand-by in case of emergency. There are instances when the mother cat won’t have enough milk for too many kittens.

  6. Prepare for the queen’s big day. You may notice some uneasiness in the expectant mother cat prior to giving birth. Check constantly to monitor the situation. There is a possibility that it will have difficulty giving birth naturally. Rush it to the clinic for the vet to assess if a Caesarean operation is needed. However, if the mother cat delivers the kittens without problems, be ready to take care of multiple kittens.

How to become a cat breeder is like setting up your own little family. You should be committed, mature enough for the responsibilities and, of course, financially ready. After all the efforts, you will surely see the fruits of your investments - gorgeous little kittens you have desired to breed either for your own enjoyment or for sale!


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