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how to become a Catholic

how to become a Catholic

What is Catholicism? Catholicism is a form of Christianity that was founded by Jesus Christ’s apostle Peter. Its followers consider it the Christianity specifically created by God, the Father and Jesus Christ to be the One. It is a way of life that subscribes the way of Christ in our every day dealings. Catholicism was founded in 33 A.D. by Jesus Christ himself and is always led by a pope -- the first one being St. Peter, the one who baptized Christ. It is also considered to the oldest church in the world. Usually, Catholicism starts in infancy as it is convention among Catholics to have their children baptized shortly after birth. However, as an adult, one can make the choice to become one and go through the blessed sacraments all Catholics must undergo. If you make the decision to adopt this path through life, here are the steps you can follow in learning how to become a Catholic:

  1. Choosing the life path. Catholicism to the Catholics is more than just a denomination or a religious sect. They believe it is not just a religion, but the One.

    Therefore, becoming a Catholic is not changing religions or subscribing to the tenets as your life philosophy, but faithfully living by Christ’s teaching until the Day of Judgment.

    If you were born with a different religion it is best to understand your religion and Catholicism in depth before making the decision to become a Catholic. If you had not been baptized yet, the same advice stands. It must be fully appreciated that becoming a Catholic is a life-long commitment and it is best that you approach a priest or spiritual adviser to discuss any inquiries you might have and to fully flesh out what this choice entails.

  2. Baptism. When you reach that point wherein you are ready and fully committed to lead the life of a Catholic, then you must go through the first of the blessed sacraments: baptism. This sacrament signifies one’s formal incorporation into the Church. A ceremony will be set in your parish church and the priest will request the presence of godfathers and godmothers to serve as your guides in living a Catholic life.

  3. Confirmation. Your journey as a Catholic will soon be deepened through the sacrament of confirmation and though partaking of the Holy Eucharist or the Body of Christ. In adults who are becoming Catholics, this can follow right after your baptism. It is necessary that candidates purge themselves of their mortal sins before they are confirmed. One goes through a confession before the second sacrament, wherein they confess their sins to God through a priest and repent.

    As a Catholic, confessions are given as often as possible to relieve the burden of sin on the soul. However, one must truly repent and strive to stay on the right path after absolution.

  4. The Holy Eucharist. This sacrament is known as the First Communion to those candidates becoming Catholics. This one finalizes the candidates’ communion into the Church. Catholics partake of the Holy Eucharist every time they go to the church and attend mass.

Learning how to become a Catholic is not just about choosing a new life path but making the lifelong commitment to live by the example of Jesus Christ. It is vital that such a choice is deeply reflected and understood in order to prepare yourself spiritually.


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