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how to become a dog walker

how to become a dog walker

Being a dog walker may seem like an easy job. You just have to walk dogs! However, it may entail more than that if you consider it as a professional employment. If you want to know how to become a dog walker, you must first consider many aspects of the job. Many dog owners and dog specialists believe that walking is a good way to treat your dog. Aside from the fact that walking provides good exercise, it serves as a fun pastime. Other experts say that walking your dogs can also train them to acknowledge your superiority over them. They must realize they have to follow your requests. Without this training, they will never listen to a word you are saying. The best thing about becoming a dog walker is that it isn’t too demanding. If you are a dog lover, this job will be a breeze for you. However, even if you are not a big fan of dogs, you can still become a dog walker if you are not afraid of them. Some dog walkers prefer to walk one to two dogs. Others can handle a lot more than that. Here are some steps:

  1. For people that already know a thing or two about dogs, this will be easy for you.

    However, if you don’t know much about dogs, you’ll have to do some research. Learn the basics on how to deal with them. Some of the things that you have to know are which foods to avoid, how to stay in control, what excites the dogs and what annoys them. This may be a bit much for simple dog walkers, but some clients prefer contractors whose knowledge of dogs goes beyond the basics. If you have time, get yourself certified as a dog walker.

  2. If you just plan to walk dogs for a particular client, you don’t have to complete any documents. However, if this is a permanent business, it is best that you check with your city government for the necessary documents for a proper license or certification. Some dog walkers are required to be insured. These prerequisites depend on your local laws.

  3. The next step is to find clients. The most important thing to know about advertising is that dog owners are most likely to ask other dog owners for references. A satisfied client is like a walking advertisement to your business. Now, if you want more clients to you business, you can start advertising using flyers or putting up ads on sites such as DogWalker.com. You can also start a partnership with the local pet stores or affiliate with some of the local veterinarians.

  4. Learn about the do’s and don’ts. For example, where can the dogs relieve themselves? Make sure that you are familiar with the do’s and don’ts to prevent future problems.

Dog walking can sometimes be a relaxing affair. You get to go sightseeing, exercise and have fun while earning money. Learn the steps on how to become a dog walker and you can discover the joy of the job for yourself.


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