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How to Become a Fashion Photographer

How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography is a very exciting career, but it takes lots of hard work to stand out in such a saturated market. Almost every fashion blogger on the Internet can claim to be fashion photographer, but it takes a creative eye, skills and years of experience to get recognized as one and actually get paid. Nevertheless, if you have an eye for fashion and you simply love taking photos, this career may be for you. Here are some tips on how to become a fashion photographer:

  1. Study photography. You cannot become a fashion photographer if you do not know at least the basics. Even though photographers are not required to have degrees, you can learn a great deal about the craft by studying photography in college, university, or a trade school. Many schools even offer bachelor's degrees in photography, so consider that option as well. Useful coursework includes history of photography, light photography, various fine arts, and digital photography. You may even want to attend graduate school or enroll in programs that focus on fashion photography. If you do not want to take the educational route, you can still study by getting a steady job with a magazine or any media company related to photography or fashion.

    This will immerse you into the fashion photography industry and prepare you for your future career as a fashion photographer.

  2. Develop related skills. Aside from photography, you also need to hone some other related skills. For example, you need to be well-versed in digital photography and editing, since a lot of fashion photographers do this nowadays. Moreover, you should be able to work in a team as well as lead one, as you will have to work with others during a fashion photo shoot or even give out instructions to models. It is also important to have organizational skills, especially if you want to run your own business as a freelance fashion photographer.

  3. Build your portfolio. Just like any artist, a fashion photographer needs to showcase his or her best work in a portfolio. It should show the range of your photography and editing skills so that you present the breadth of your capabilities as well as your specific artistic vision. Therefore, what you include in a portfolio for a specific job should be congruent with what your potential client wants. While you should have a physical portfolio that you can carry whenever you go, it is also advisable to have a digital portfolio for convenience. Make sure to keep it updated.

  4. Get an agent. If you have money to spare, you can hire a photo agent to sell your photographs for you. This takes the pressure off and places on another party; however, keep in mind that part of your proceeds does end up going to the agent.

  5. Book photo shoots. One of the responsibilities of fashion photographers is to book shoots for clients. Some of your duties may include arranging travel, reserving a space or working with publishers to ensure that all clients' needs are met. Hence, you should be flexible and have the ability to work in a variety of climates. Learn to follow the clients' directions while also knowing when to suggest certain changes. Booking photo shoots is also a great way to market yourself and get your name out into the fashion photography world.

To be successful, hone your photography skills and develop your own style so that you stand out from all the other fashion photographers out there. Otherwise, just knowing how to become a fashion photographer can only get you so far.


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