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how to become a foster parent in Texas

There are a lot of children out there who are in need of warmth and care. If you live in Texas and are interested in helping one, then you will need to know how to become a foster parent in Texas. Trying to be a foster parent entails so much, and only those who are screened will eventually succeed in this endeavor. Taking care of another person requires a lot of responsibility on your part. Being a foster parent is more than just being a mother or father of a newborn child. The situation is utterly different since these children have felt neglected, rejected and unloved. To be a foster parent you will have to help the child overcome negative feelings and provide the necessities. Here are some helpful ways and tips to become a foster parent in Taxes: First, let me mention the laws regarding foster parenting in the United States are pretty much the same in most states, Texas included. However, the best place to learn more about any rules that might particularly pattern to Texas is through the website of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

  1. The basic qualification of becoming a foster parent is that you have to be at least 21 years old.

    You can either be single or married, marital status is not looked into. However, if you are married or divorce, you will have to prepare legal documents to prove this. A birth certificate will also be necessary to verify your age.

  2. You will have to be financially stable and should also possess the quality of being a responsible adult. The agency will be assessing this through various interviews and investigations. You must share basic information about your background and lifestyle to prove that you are indeed financially able and responsible. Also, you will be asked for references of relatives and non-relatives.

  3. If there are other people in the household, you will be subjected to home visits, which will give an overview of how your unit works. This will also ensure that there is no history of abuse or neglect in the household. This study will further assess if the whole household (not just you) is suitable for a foster child.

  4. To be a foster parent, you should not have any criminal background. If a background check reveals a history of abuse or neglect, you have very slim chances of becoming a foster parent.

  5. After showing your intent to be a foster parent, you will be filling out an application provided by the agency. If you need assistance, staff or personnel in charge can help you out. Be sure to fill out the form correctly and neatly.

  6. You will be asked to attend free training to give an overview of abused and neglected children that are in a foster care. If youÂ’re part of a family, the whole household will be attending the seminar. This will not only educate and help you understand children who went through difficult times, but it will also help you decide if you are fit to become a foster parent.

  7. The agency will also consider if your house is fit to accommodate another person. This means that you should have another sleeping space for one more person. As a rule, if you already have six children (including your own children) in your care, you cannot add another one. Your house will also be inspected for health, safety and fire hazards.

  8. All household members, including you, should have TB testing. Your pets should also be vaccinated. You will also be required to obtain a CPR or first aid certification. Aside from all these conditions, you should be open to the possibility of additional hours of training per year.

  9. You must agree to discipline the child without using physical force. Remember that these children may have been physically abused and should not feel fear that it may happen again.

Your interest on how to become a foster parent in Texas shows that you have serious plans in undertaking the task. Even after reading the steps, it takes a lot of patience and time to become a foster parent. However, the fulfillment and happiness of helping another human being is priceless.


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