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how to become a minister

how to become a minister

The Christian religion has various denominations with differing doctrines. The procedures on how to become a minister can depend on the denomination and each church or congregation. Some require formal education in a seminary, but some do not. Being a minister is a calling; it’s a vocation to serve God and His people. Ministers are expected to have deeper understanding of biblical teachings. Though not a prerequisite, a bible school graduate will have better chances of becoming a minister due to their education. Their competence in explaining the word of God is a sought-after skill for ministerial duties, such as preaching. If you are convinced that you have the calling to be a minister, these practical guidelines should help.

  1. Study the bible all the time. Only the words of God can give you the wisdom to do what is right. Get the corresponding reference materials to aid your studies. Ask for the support of a respected pastor and find a mentor.

  2. Be an exceptional church member. You can’t be a good leader if you are not a good follower.

    eekly attendance is not enough. You must be active in participating in regular and special activities. Volunteer to help. Take note of any upcoming events.

  3. Show your dedication to the church. As a minister, serving God must come first as a manifestation of your obedience and adherence to his first commandment: love God above all. Be ready to accompany an accomplished minister visiting church members in need and when performing sacramental ceremonies like weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Get involved with the overall operations of the church.

  4. Consult church authorities regarding the processes that you may have to go through to become a minister. Ordination is performed by many churches. Others don’t, but they normally have their own corresponding rites. Mold yourself into accomplishing what’s expected of you in the process.

  5. Express your intention of becoming a full-pledged minister to higher church authorities. They are in the position to help you toward the fulfillment of your calling. You may be subject to formal interviews and examinations.

  6. Prepare for the big day. Becoming a minister is like getting married to the church. You must be prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally to face this new chapter of your life. Don’t be afraid of the tasks ahead of you. Many are called, but few are chosen. If you are one of them, you will become a minister no matter what. Everything is in God’s hands.

You would not be wondering how to become a minister if you didn’t have the right intentions. Your drive can get you there. In some cases, candidates for ministers are even invited to join the mission because they demonstrate the qualities of a good clergyman without knowing it. All they know is that they find happiness in serving God and His people.


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