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how to become a professional photographer

how to become a professional photographer

Nowadays, people everywhere have professional DSLR cameras. But owning one doesn’t make you a professional photographer; you are just an owner of a very expensive tool. There are processes that one has to go through to earn the title of professional photographer. If you are aiming to become one, you should know how to become a professional photographer and avoid coming off as an amateur with a humble hobby. There are many different jobs for a professional photographer. You can work for a newspaper or a magazine. You can also be part of an agency and take pictures of models. A professional photographer can also do studio shots or cover events like weddings. There are plenty of job opportunities, but there is also plenty of competition. There are still various kinds of professional photographers, including stock photographers, editorial and travel photographers. Each one has their own theme and style appropriate to their audience. No matter what their style, professional photographers capture images beautifully. They usually have eyes for giving a subject life through different angles.

To become a professional photographer, follow these tips:

  1. Get yourself into a good school. Though this is not necessary, you will be surrounded by professionals who have studied for two or four years. The academe can give you plenty of insight into craft. It will be beneficial to study theoretically as well as in practice.

  2. Keep on shooting and apply what you have learned. Do this on a regular basis. To be able to enhance your skills, you should always practice.

  3. Volunteer to shoot for free. If you have friends or relatives who are about to celebrate a special occasion, do photo coverage of the event. You will be able to gauge your ability to capture an event in a fast paced setting. You can practice with people around you, from kids to couples to grandparents. Look around and capture what interests you.

  4. Choose what field of photography interests you. Will you be a magazine photographer or work for a newspaper? Are you more inclined to advertising? There’s plenty of photography work to be done. As early as you can, determine what you want and focus on that.

  5. Apply to be an assistant of a professional photographer. This may be a job without pay or with minimal pay. Either way, you are there not to earn but to learn. It will also be better to choose someone in your field of interest. If you want to be an editorial photographer, then stick with someone who specializes in that.

  6. Slowly, build up your portfolio. Through all that you have learned, from school to personal experience, you should be able to come up with a portfolio that represents you as a professional photographer. Also, your portfolio should coincide with your field of interests.

  7. Apply to various companies. Your portfolio will be your greatest tool in showing off your talent and skills to future employers. You may start as the assistant, but that is a step in the right direction.

  8. Market yourself. This is probably one of the most important things that you can do. If you are already equipped with the knowledge, experience and skills of a professional photographer, you should be able to showcase yourself to the public and earn recognition. This is especially true if you are independently going to work for yourself. Through various kinds of advertisement, you can let people know about your works.

These steps on how to become a professional photographer require time, resources and hard work. Having the talent to produce quality pictures is only the first step to finding success. Knowing about your market your talents can make you a professional photographer.


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