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how to become a receptionist

how to become a receptionist

If you are wondering how to become a receptionist and what it takes to do the job, you should know that a pleasing personality and good communication skills will give you a head start. Educational background is secondary. Knowing how to operate basic office equipment gives you an edge over your competition. Busy employers also prefer candidates that require minimal supervision - someone who is resourceful enough to look for something to do when not actively answering the phone or responding to guests’ and visitors’ needs. Confidence is extremely important for this job, and since you will be the first impression of the company to visitors, clients and anyone else who calls or walks in, it is important to possess a positive attitude. Your “can do” outlook on life will entice more clients to patronize your company’s business. It’ll be just a matter of time before you get promoted, once you’ve proven yourself as an asset to the company. Prepare yourself for the job by following these tips.

  1. Have good telephone skills.

    t conversationalist also knows the importance of time. You should limit your conversations over the telephone, but without missing any relevant information. Learn where to channel inquiries by first getting the call back details. Do not pretend to know everything. You job is not to take care of only one client but to bridge the gap between external and internal contacts.

  2. If you have language skills, find a job where they will be most useful. If you are well-versed with the Chinese, for instance, besides English, look for companies that are either partly owned by Chinese investors or a company catering mainly for Chinese-speaking individuals. You will be assured long-term employment and satisfying growth within your chosen business environment if you contribute to its success.

  3. Be willing to multi-task. Never allow yourself to just idly wait for calls or visitors to the office. You can seek out on-the-job training for secretarial, bookkeeping, cashiering and other clerical skills and duties. Any of these additional tasks could be your stepping stone to a higher position in office administration. Volunteer to follow-up with clients, after gaining product knowledge – you could have a future in the sales or marketing department if you have the ability to be convincing.

  4. Stay focused on your goal. Working in an environment that gives you access to your aspirations in life is very inspiring. If you want to be a medical practitioner but do not have the resources to support that ambition, why not work as a receptionist in a clinic? This will expose you to the many opportunities for career advancement. Free seminars or training in this field could be very handy for you.

  5. Impress interviewers during the initial interview. Most receptionists are hired after just a single interview. Aside from being polite and well-informed about the nature of the company you’re applying to, carry yourself with the utmost professionalism. Proper grooming and power dressing can contribute greatly to enhancing your professional look.

  6. Do not let the interviewer do all the talking. Let the conversation flow smoothly by inter-acting with your future boss. Ask intelligent questions when given the opportunity. Doing some homework before reporting to an interview will be of great help. Creating a rapport with the interviewer will make you harder to forget when it comes to short-listing applicants.

If you know how to become a receptionist, your career can become whatever you desire. Most, if not all, commercial facilities need one. Use this to your advantage, whatever you perceive the hindrances to be. Personality and conversational expertise can be developed. The rest will follow if you allow yourself to continue learning. Be helpful to your colleagues, because they can either bring you up or down on the work front. Most of all, be a team player.


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