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How to become a recording artist

How to become a recording artist

How to become a recording artist? First of all, it needs more than luck. Great talents are often discovered in singing contests or online video platforms - but this does not mean that they did not work hard for it. They have usually gone through various steps to develop their talents before getting anywhere near making it on stage or in front of the camera. You must have the right total package to catch the attention of record producers. A quality song is more sellable if the artist possesses a marketable image. A specific personality will dictate the singer’s target market. Wholesome looks can capture a wider audience, sex appeal will entice adult patrons, humorous renditions of songs will appeal to fun-loving listeners and there are many more scenarios. Let’s get the formula right by following these steps to stardom.

  1. If you have an exceptional singing voice, make the most of it. Develop it further by taking vocal lessons from good coach or at one of the many music schools out there. Participate in extra-curricular activities that can enhance your talent, such as joining a church choir or forming a band, with you as lead singer.

    Your exposure through these activities will be vital to building your self-confidence.

  2. Join amateur singing contests to gain visibility to the public. Make sure you don’t miss out on bigger competitions with media exposure. This will give you better leverage as far as reaching the right people who could help you in your quest.

  3. Make a demo recording. Doing this at home with basic computing and sound systems is now possible with the technologies available. You can hire a recording studio for few hours if you want to be assisted professionally by sound technicians. This way, you won’t have to worry about your limited knowledge of sound mixing and other technical skills. They can give you a professional sounding demo as part of the negotiated deal.

  4. Submit your demo to record companies. This is a nerve-wracking step but it has to be done. Record labels always need fresh talent if they want to continuously dominate the market, or even retain their market share. Just make sure that your demo tapes get into the right hands. The more record companies you get a foot in the door with, the better your chances. Get on with your regular singing activities while working for that precious call that could change your life.

  5. Be flexible to the conditions of the record company that is willing to produce a recording for you. They know better as far as the kind of songs, selections, style and packaging needed to make your recording a success. There are no instant celebrities upon receiving their call. You must work hard with the production company without any monetary demands in the beginning. They will be investing in you and the minimal percentage they allocate for your share will only become substantial once your recording starts selling like hot cakes.

Once your song becomes a hit, you will have the leverage to re-negotiate for future projects. By that time, you will already be bombarded with many other offers and will be in a position to make comparisons and choose the best one if you are not happy with your current affiliation. If you have a contract to finish, it is usually best to stick with it if you want to avoid legal problems. By all means welcome any short-cuts while figuring out how to become a recording artist, by grabbing every decent opportunity that comes your way. This can only materialize if you get out there and show everyone your talent. These guidelines may not result in you being discovered as fast as you want, but will certainly put you into the limelight if you have the talent, and if it’s really for you.


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