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how to become a screenwriter

how to become a screenwriter

There are many young minds who dream of becoming screen writers. As they get older, they continue to carry that dream with them; in some cases, they might even apply to an English degree for their college major. However, being a screenwriter takes more than that. Those wondering how to become a screenwriter should know that the career entails a lot of work, but then again, all dreams have a price. The famous line “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” is one of the ideas that an aspiring screenwriter should keep at heart. Writing is like food to one’s soul, but writing for recognition is a different task. Reaching this goal may be tough, but it is possible with the following steps.

  1. Write, write and write. If you have decided to be a writer, then there is nothing better for you to do than write. Start with keeping a journal. Just keep track of interesting events that happen around you. Observe with your eyes and ears and never forget to feel. Write down everything there is to write.

  2. Read, read and read.

    good writer is a good reader. Start with any book that interests you. It doesn’t have to be a profound one. You can read romance novels, detective stories or even children’s books. Don’t worry about what other people think, just aim to keep your mind stimulated. Soon, you will have a vast collection of books in your room.

  3. Experiment. Based on your journal, begin making a personal essay. Do not think of anything else; just write. Keep those fingers working and your ideas flowing. Once your ideas are on paper, you can then check the grammar and other technical aspects.

  4. Vary your writing style and engage different genres. You can write poetry, short stories and different kinds of essay.  In order to do this, you have to expand your reading habits to all these genres too. Remember that reading and writing always go hand in hand.

  5. If you have a favorite piece of literature, rewrite it. This is only going to serve as practice and should not be used for publishing. One famous movie did this writing exercise. By doing so, you find your own “voice” with the aid of an existing piece. Practice until you find your own unique writing voice.

  6. Try writing using different tones and styles. A good writer should be able to convey a variety of tones. Your writing can be serious, humorous, formal and a lot more. It all depends on the target audience. In addition, a good writer can narrate from various points of view. You will have to lose yourself when writing to assume the roles of your characters, whether they are men, women or children.

  7. After brushing up on your writing skills, focus on the genre of your choice: screen writing. Learn all about screen writing. The format, the elements, structure and the style differ from other writing genres. For example, in a screenplay, the writer must rely more heavily on actions and dialogue for the sake of the actors.

  8. Read a collection of screenplays, especially good ones. Learn from them and try making one your model. Also, be very observant of the different topics addressed in the stories. The usual topics addressed in books can differ from the topics of screenplays. You story should appeal to the audience and producers.

  9. Expose yourself to the world of Hollywood. If you have to live in Los Angeles, then do so. You can apply as an apprentice, assistant or any position that may bring you closer to your dream. If you know the ropes of the business, try your luck and submit one of your screenplays. It also helps if you already know people in the business; this will give you an edge over the heavy competition.

There are no fast rules on how to become a screenwriter. However, if you want to become one, then just keep on writing and writing. Develop the brave soul that every writer should have.


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