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how to become a songwriter

how to become a songwriter

Music is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life. It relaxes, soothes and even inspires us. Bad days can actually turn around when we listen to good music, especially our favorite songs. Music is often described as food for one’s soul. If you want to be more than a listener, you may be wondering how to become a songwriter. Songwriters are talented people with an interest in art. They are not only musically talented, but they also lean toward literature. Songwriters have the gift to convey everyday happenings and ordinary feelings in an artistic fashion. They are able to connect with people through their music and tell stories relating to the human condition. There are many ways to become a professional songwriter. Customize these steps to suit your own plans.

  1. To be a songwriter, you have to write. Keep a journal and record your personal experiences, which may prove to be good topics for songs. The most common topics are about love. When writing a love song, try to give it your own unique spin. It may be common topic, but you can approach it from a different angle.

    Your personal style is what will make a difference.

  2. In songwriting, you have to limit your words. You cannot make a song out of a novel or even a short story. Songs have more in common with poems. There has to be a structure of verses – although some poems utilize a free verse structure. Focus on conveying your stories poetically.

  3. Be a diligent songwriter. Write every day; it will give you the discipline and the skills that you need. There are no lazy, successful writers. If this is going to be your career, you should always strive for improvement.

  4. After you have brushed up on your literature, you can then try to develop a melody. Unlike literature, wherein everything has been written down, a melody is something you can just come up with. It takes a lot of exposure to music and instruments to be able to create one. This is not as simple as it sounds; it takes talent and knowledge of the craft.

  5. Research tools and techniques for creating melodies. It’s even better to enroll yourself in a music school. This exposes you to the different elements of music. The experience will also keep you inspired and motivated. Learn all the basic aspects and apply what you have learned.

  6. Always expose yourself to different musical genres. From classical to contemporary. This will give you inspiration in making music. It will also give you an overview of how music has evolved. However, keep in mind that you are writing in a particular period and the audience should be able to relate to the music.

  7. Make the chords and make sure that they are in perfect harmony with the melody. All these elements go hand in hand. If one is not right for the other, it will not be pleasing to the ears. Experiment with the different elements and use your music school education.

  8. Once you have perfected the art of songwriting, try your luck with different recordings. You can also sing your own songs at a local cafe and hope for a big break. If you can’t sing your own songs, ask someone to sing them for you.

  9. Always keep musical company. You never know whom you might meet. Try working at recording companies, which will get you closer to artists and producers.

In addition to following these steps on how to become a songwriter, you need the heart to write lyrics and the ears to make music. Determination will also get you far.


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