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How To Become A Stand-Up Comedian

How To Become A Stand-Up Comedian

Learning how to become a stand-up comedian just takes a lot of guts and a whole lot of wit. Stand-up comedy is considered as one of the most spontaneous and fun type of performance. The performer, comic, or comedian usually delivers humorous stories and jokes in a very fast-paced manner. Doing so keeps the momentum going. The main goal is an immediate laugh from the audience. Also, the routine or act is sometimes accompanied by props or background music to further enhance the show. People watch stand-up comedy to laugh and enjoy themselves. So if you think you have what it takes to perform and make people laugh, let me help you by offering some basic steps:

  1. Learn from the people who do it best. A lot of people have succeeded at it, and you can learn from them, incorporate your own style, and do it better. Rent videos or download them from the Internet. You can also regularly watch stand-up comedy. Carefully dissect the comedian’s style when delivering a joke. Also, notice that every comic has his or her own character.

    This is the perfect time to think about your own and grow.

  2. Always be prepared. As free-flowing as stand-up comedy shows look like, a comic always organizes his or her ideas and jokes days before performing. Always expect ideas to come and go easily. It may be something you remembered, a conversation you heard on a bus, or something you just saw. So never ever be without a piece of paper and a pen to write those ideas down. You can also carry a pocket tape recorder to easily record any observations and ideas on the go.

  3. Practice makes perfect. You can start delivering your lines in front of a small group like your family and friends. Memorize your routine well. The good part of starting in a small and with a safe crowd is that you can learn without the pressure of a professional setting. You can change some jokes based on their reactions and comments. But being comfortable in front of an audience is just half the battle. You should hit it up a notch and start signing up for open mic nights in bars and cafés. These are the best places to push your limits and challenge yourself. The moment you think that you have mastered open mic nights, it’s time to hit a bigger crowd. You are now ready to take on the real stuff—comedy clubs. Now this might be a bit nerve-wracking, but try to keep your cool and just have fun.

Always remember that there will be a many low points with this career. Never let it get into you. Just shake it off, learn from it, and do better the next time. Many of the most successful comedians went through a rough first time. That is why you have to keep booking more gigs because they will build your confidence and open new opportunities. The key ingredient to becoming one lies in you. Strive hard, continue learning, and take note of the five pointers on how to become a stand-up comedian, and you’ll be one sooner or later.


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