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how to become a successful artist

how to become a successful artist

Talent is a gift, but knowing how to become a successful artist is a skill that has to be developed. Canvassing a brilliant piece of art certainly satisfies the artist in you but it will not become profitable by itself. It needs to be marketed to people who appreciate it. Therefore, it is very clear that there is a need to balance your creativity with business sense and hard work. You can only be successful, in the real sense of the word, if you are keen to adopt the following guidelines to your artistic side.

  1. Get a formal education in art. You are not just in school to learn the technicalities of your chosen field. You are also there to expand your horizons by exposing yourself to like-minded individuals who like yourself have aspirations for a career in art, or to experts who are willing to share their success and experience by mentoring the next generation of artists.

  2. Preserve your previous work to use in your portfolio when seeking admittance to specialized art institutions.

      Your creations will speak for your talent as an artist. They may be non-speaking witnesses but their voices are very loud.

  3. Get involved with art shows, starting by going as a spectator. It will be easier for you to arrange promotional events such as these if you are familiar of the components of a particular event. Your works of art will be seen as more special if you have the right venue for your target market. Create a database of contacts generated from these kinds of affairs. You will need them in the near future.

  4. Partner with a business agent, whose responsibility it will be to sell your work. Most artists are not business-minded, though there are always exceptions. If you are interested, and time permits, you can learn about the trade by enrolling in short courses in business. You will also meet more people there who can be added to your database.

  5. Strengthen your credentials by entering art contests. Recognition and winning pieces will make your resume shine. Don’t let the praise go by without getting to know the people behind it, including the jurors. Their fame and standing in the art community could give prestige to your entry.

  6. Make sure that you have your own studio and that it is conducive to your working style. This is where you will spend half of your life. It is easier to generate quality art pieces when fully equipped with art equipment and tools. This is the smart thing to do to complement your hard work.

  7. Sell yourself indirectly. You’ll be taken more seriously if you have an agent sell your work for you, but you can help by making yourself known to the art community. Volunteering to help by donating some of your art to a charity fundraiser would be a good promotion. Join associations for artists, to stay aware of the many developments in the profession. Always present yourself professionally to earn respect within the industry.

  8. Create healthy competition by knowing your competitors. Make sure that your rates and prices are based on what the market dictates. Do not allow over-pricing on your work because it could drive buyers away.

  9. Seal all agreements in black and white. Never enter into verbal negotiations. Wrong assumptions can ruin business and personal relationships. Misunderstandings can also be disastrous in your business.

There’s no point learning how to become a successful artist if you are not willing to put all these things into action. It will not just come automatically. The business side of your art career must be nurtured to the same level as your art-making. You will be more inspired to do better when you can see monetary rewards from your creations. You can conclude that you are successful when you can afford to give part of yourself to others – possibly in the form of a few of your masterpieces, or maybe some of your time to mentor newcomers.


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