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How To Become A Voice Actor

How To Become A Voice Actor

Constant practice and a heavy load of determination can definitely help you figure out how to become a voice actor. Like the name suggests, a voice actor uses his/her voice to give life to certain characters or to simply tell a story. There are a lot of forms of media in which voice actors are needed. It may be an animated works, commercials, radio broadcasts, movie trailers, podcasts, and many more. Being a voice actor may be a bit more challenging than being an actual actor. It entails a lot of energy and enthusiasm in order to deliver the message. And since you are not seen by the viewers, you won’t be able to rely on either your facial expressions or your gestures. Your voice is the only thing that you can use to convey what you need to say. The following tips can help you become the best voice actor that you can be: Just like any other profession, training and building a good foundation of basic knowledge is the key. The training for voice actors is most likely to be similar with a regular acting profession. You can start by participating in any stage acting production like in school or theater plays.

You can also learn from an acting coach. Remember, the voice is very vital, but you have to possess the whole package in order to understand the physicality of the character.

  1. Find out the depth of your skills. Don’t hesitate to practice different tones, intonations, and dictations. If you can, you can actually enroll in voice lessons for you to be able to explore the things that you can do. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. Always keep in mind that being a voice actor may mean you must have a certain level of diversity when it comes to your voice.

  2. Record your voice-over performance. This way, you will be able to hear how and what you sound like, and you can adjust anything that you want to change. This is also the best way to put yourself out in the media world. Your voice over demos will serve as a big part of your resume. Try to put together a diverse demo so that you can showcase your talent. Then, media-related companies will be able to listen and evaluate your skills.

  3. Put yourself out there. Try to apply to as many companies as you can. Be persistent but not too aggressive. The key to this field is to always be visible. Network with many people as you can so that they can help you. Push yourself to your limits and always aim high.

  4. Don’t be afraid to be turned down. The media business is a lot tougher than you think. Competition will always be your enemy, but it should also be your source of determination.

Being a voice actor may be a tough career, but if you really enjoy it, it surely is something worth your effort and time. Passion and determination are the primary keys to success in voice acting. Now what are you waiting for? Start practicing and start using our tips on how to become a voice actor.


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