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how to become a web designer

how to become a web designer

Most guidelines on how to become a web designer do not normally include technical college degrees. Many popular web designers are driven by their passion to learn more about the profession. The method of self-study, using books, software and online tutorials has already generated many popular web designers. They are not afraid of making mistakes – instead, they learn from them. Follow these tips and they will inspire you to know that you can make it too.

  1. Learn the language of web design. HTML and XHTML are a must to code webpages. Learning CSS will also help in achieving the various looks of different webpages. These will surely be prioritized in a computer programming and designing course in a formal school, but it’s also possible to learn them on your own if you have the determination and technical talent required.

  2. Scripting is another thing an aspiring web designer should tackle. JavaScript is commonly used because of its client-friendly nature. Server-side scripting is also essential to add variety to the site.

    ever you do, avoid creating headaches for clients. Offer a total package, including maintenance, and you’re on for a long-term contract. Make it known that everything is possible for a minimal price.

  3. Learn to create, edit and process graphics because you can’t complete a website without this. Expertise in programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and FrontPage will make your job easier and faster. If there are any other programs that will be useful to complement to your web designing duties, you might as well make use of them too. The more tools you have, the valuable you’ll be as a web designer.

  4. Offer to build websites for free to people that matter to you. This will give you the chance to practice while helping loved ones to improve their business. They will also be your perfect references when you are ready to market your web designing services. You might get a direct referral right away if they are happy with the outcome of your voluntary project. Never bid on something that you are not yet confident in doing. Wait for the right time.

  5. Discover the tricks of the web-making business. Incorporate SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, strategies to your web designs to be able to generate more visitors. Complementary clients who are happy with what you have done for them will try their best to return the favor by recommending you to paying customers. This will take time so it’s important to start practicing as soon as you’re ready. Be willing to invest your time, but not money that you don’t have yet.

  6. Keep track of the websites you've created. They will be your portfolio and can be used for reference when designing for other prospective clients. Explain only the simple details in your presentations, because they will not be interested in spending their whole day listening to technical stuff that they do not understand or particularly care about. They will be interested in using of your services to make their tasks simple without sacrificing quality.

Once you start reaping the rewards, after learning how to become a web designer, it’s time to do some serious marketing. This will ensure that you are never out of business for as long as you want. Web designing is actually one business that can be a one-man-show! You just have to make the right affiliations to make you visible to those business owners who need your services. This is a straightforward business that you can maintain just by continuing to complete quality projects and by socializing with business-minded individuals.


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