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how to become an actor

how to become an actor

If you are wondering how to become an actor, you should realize that it takes more than just working in a coffee shop and waiting to be discovered. This rarely happens. If you really are serious about your dream, you have to work hard for it -- just as most Hollywood actors did. This craft is more than glamour and red carpet events. Acting has been around for many years. Even in the early times, acting was present in the form of mini-plays and storytelling. It later evolved into theater and cinema. To be an actor, you must convincingly assume a different role. You must also be proficient in the use of body language. The clarity and quality of the actor’s voice is of utmost importance, since it is one of the most used elements in portraying a role. Even if you have a natural talent in expressing yourself, you must hone that talent through constant practice and hard work. Most of us can act and learn to act, but not all of us can be great actors. If you have the gift and the passion, then you have a good chance of reaching your goal.

Here are ways:

  1. As early as you can, expose yourself to any acting activities. If you are in high school, be active in participating in school plays. This will give you a feel of how to act in front of an audience. It is also a good way to practice your skills and improve.

  2. Actors are usually involved in different kinds of crafts. Involve yourself in dancing classes. This may be useful in the future when you must rely on body language. Dancing with other people and dancing in front of an audience is also a good experience for aspiring actors.

  3. You should consider learning a musical instrument or taking singing lessons. Though this may not be necessary, it helps to be multi-talented in various kinds of performing arts. It wouldn’t hurt to know these skills.

  4. Practice your diction and speech. Aside from the use of facial expressions, delivery of lines should be flawless. Make sure that you enhance your language skills. Practice by delivering lines from movies or plays. It’s also better to memorize lines rather than reading them. Professional actors need to memorize lines.

  5. Be physically fit. Aside from needing to look extra good in front of the camera, the stamina and disciplines that you will acquire from regularly exercising will help you deal with the stress of acting jobs.

  6. Watch movies and plays and learn from the best actors. Be very observant on how they portray different roles. You can try imitating some scenes and examine your own acting versatility. You will also need to be able to assess yourself.

  7. After graduating high school, it is best to research and enroll in a good acting school. Doing so will be an investment for your future goals. Most Hollywood actors went to acting schools to hone their talents. There, you will be trained in all aspects of acting.

  8. To be recognized as an actor, you will need to market yourself. Do not rely on agents. Go out and meet people in the industry, especially casting directors. You can also be noticed by joining open casting or actor showcases, where casting directors and associates go to spot new talents.

  9. If you are ever offered a non-paying acting job, grab it. Whether it’s small, non-paying or paying, as long as it can help you boost your resume, grab the chance and do your best. Many famous actors started with very small roles.

  10. Get yourself an agent, but do not rely on him or her for everything. Research agents and apply. Make your resume impressive. Remember you are not the only one applying, so ensure that yours won’t be tossed in the trashcan.

The steps on how to become an actor require traversing a long path. However, a dream is a dream and requires hard work. Once you achieve the dream of becoming an actor, it will surely prove worth the effort.


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