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how to become an auditor

how to become an auditor

If you have the natural talent of working with numbers, then you may want to learn how to become an auditor and put your skills to good use. There are many opportunities out there for auditors. Both private business and government sectors require individuals to fill the role. As the business population grows, the need for auditors will also continue to grow. An auditor examines financial records and checks the accuracy of data, thus the word “auditor” is derived from “audit.” The auditor also sees to it that all taxes are paid and financial regulations have been followed. When working for the government, an auditor is responsible for checking the funding and approving the budgets of certain projects. The job of an auditor requires a great deal of responsibility. You must carefully scrutinize financial records held by bookkeepers and accountants. To become one, here are some suggestions:

  1. If you are in high school and already dreaming of becoming an auditor, aim for high grades in all mathematical classes. You should also develop the discipline of an auditor early, since the job entails so much.

    should be very meticulous in checking financial reports and the like. Scrutinize every detail to ensure that everything is correct.

  2. Apply to a university or a college and get a degree in accountancy. You can also get a degree in business, finance or economics. Whichever degree you choose, see to it that there is an emphasis on financial management.

  3. Join internship programs to experience firsthand auditing work. There are part time internships available if you want to do this between classes. You can also opt to join full time internships during the summer months. These experiences will expand on the material you learn in the classroom.

  4. Take additional courses to obtain a master’s degree. Usually, you will just need a few more classes to obtain the master’s degree. Always check with your advisers on how you can ascend to a higher level of learning.

  5. You can also consider taking advanced classes in finance, accounting and auditing. It may take you an extra year, but these classes will ensure that you have ample knowledge in the field.

  6. Inquire about specializations in the field. For example, if you are aiming to be an internal auditor, there is actually a specialization for this. You can also specialize in taxation, environment, financial and a lot more. Check the list of available specialization courses.

  7. Apply to be an auditor in certain organizations. You will need at least two years work experience to become a certified auditor. Also, this will also give you the necessary experience.

  8. Take the necessary certification exam. Aim high to pass the CPA board exam. There are also exams required for certain sectors. If you want to be a government auditor, you have to pass the Certified Government Auditing Professional exam. For environmental auditing, you will have to be a certified energy auditor or a certified professional environmental auditor. Examine whichever certification applies to you and the necessary requirements.

Being an auditor requires a lot of studying to gain the proper knowledge to check financial statements. It also requires a lot of work experience. This job entails strong analytical skills, especially in comparing data. Aside from this, basic knowledge of computers and technology is also necessary. These ways on how to become an auditor will help you follow a focused path to your goal. Start early and plan right and you can become an auditor.


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