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how to become an LPN

how to become an LPN

LPNs or licensed practical nurses are health care members who generally work alongside registered nurses and doctors to provide basic medical care to patients. This is also a stepping-stone if you want to become a registered nurse. Also known as licensed vocational nurses, LPNs are well compensated when it comes to their salary. Before learning how to become an LPN, realize that you will need motivation to achieve your goal. Since licensed practical nurses are not yet registered nurses, they are not allowed to perform major procedures. However, they can carry out basic bedside care with the management of a registered nurse. Some of the duties of an LPN include administrating medication, taking and monitoring vital signs, performing patient bedside hygiene, collecting samples and dressing wounds. Also, depending on their expertise, they may assist in certain medical procedures. To become an LPN, you must be able to see yourself in the medical field. Helping patients can be very challenging at times, so you have to put your heart into it. If you feel that this is the job for you, here are some steps and tips to guide you:

  1. First, you should complete one year of educational training.

    You can acquire training from a vocational center or at a community college. In order for you to get into a vocational school or community college, you must be a high school graduate or have obtained your GED.

  2. You have to complete and pass all the necessary requirements and bedside procedures that are given to you. You have to be aware of the basic laboratory works and the clinical practice. Lastly, you have to complete the number of duty hours required by your school’s curriculum.

  3. The next step is to obtain your license. After completing the one-year vocational training course, you qualify to take the NCLEX-PN, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination – Practical Nursing. This exam will determine if you are proficient as a practical nurse. The exam will cover practically everything that you have learned in your training. Expect the material to cover theories and application.

  4. If you have passed the examination, you are now allowed to work in a hospital. However, if your grade did not qualify you for a license, you can still retake the NCLEX-PN. Depending on your state’s board of nursing, you can retake the exam a certain number of times before you are required to take remedial classes.

Being a licensed practical nurse does not end there. You still have to prove that you can do the job properly. Always remember that you are working in a medical setting, so you are dealing with people’s health everyday. Mistakes can cost the life of patient. You can take additional training sessions to enhance your skills and knowledge. There are certain hospitals and health centers that will provide the training for you. If that is the case, make the best of it and learn as much as you can. In addition to following these steps on how to become an LPN, you also need to be a disciplined and focused individual. If obtaining this job is on your long-term agenda, work hard for it and everything will just fall into place.


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