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how to begin training for a marathon

how to begin training for a marathon

Doing a marathon is truly fun. However, it is exhausting, tiring, and really physically demanding. Should you like to participate in this physically demanding type of run, there are basic fundamentals on how to begin training for a marathon, which you can study and make use of. If you are a beginner, you need a longer training period for you to properly adjust and have superb stamina. The same holds true even if you are a veteran runner. Marathon is not just all about stamina; you also need to take care of yourself so you will not get injured. Below are the simple ways on how to begin training for a marathon.

  1. Know in advance when the marathon will take place. Preparing for a marathon cannot be done in a week or so. Usually, it takes at least 2 months to 6 months at most.

  2. Consult your doctor. This is basic. Ask your doctor if your health can sustain the rigors of training for a marathon. Secure medical clearance because marathon training is not easy.

    In other words, your health must be in tip-top condition in order to endure the mental and physical demands of the training.

  3. Have a tested diet plan suitable for marathon training. Your diet plan for purposes of marathon training is entirely different from other kinds of diet requirement. When preparing for marathon, you need more carbohydrates and less fat. Carbohydrates are your source of calories to fuel your game. An appropriate diet plan will enhance your chances of surviving the rigors of marathon training.

    Ensure that you are always hydrated. Drinking water is essential to replenish the fluids your body loses as you train. It is a fact that proper hydration plays a very important factor in every sport. A well-hydrated body reduces the risk of getting muscle cramps.

    Eat more fruits and vegetables to promote a better metabolism. When your metabolism is doing well, the nutrients and the food vitamins in your body can easily be broken down and evenly distributed.

  4. Buy a good pair of good fitting running shoes. When your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, then it is time for you to kick start your training. Purchase appropriate running shoes suitable to your foot structure. What is important is you have a pair of shoes that has the kind of pronation and gait suitable to you.

  5. Develop your strength and conditioning. Since marathon is a continuous running game, the level of your strength and conditioning would count in your favor. It is best to strengthen first your legs and feet before you start your full cardio training. In any running game, strong legs and feet coupled with excellent stamina are your best weapons.

  6. Run six times a week. After you have developed the strength of your legs and feet, it is now time to start running. The remaining one day of the entire week should be your day off to allow your body to rejuvenate.

    When you run, make sure that you have with you a reliable and accurate wrist watch that can you tell how long each mile takes you. This way, you can determine the level of your pacing.

    Do not force yourself on your first day. Take it slow and easy. If you need to walk in between runs, do it. As you go along, your lungs can adjust. Regular cardio training will help develop your stamina and endurance.

  7. Cool down for three weeks before the day of the marathon to focus your mind. You have to slow down the pacing of your training three weeks in advance. Do a lighter workout. Quality rest will give your body enough time to repair and revitalize itself. The battle is not just physical but also psychological. Thus, having the right mind set is very important.

    Take time preparing the things you need on the game day. Test your shoes and all other running accessories. Prepare your hydrating gel and other supplements.

  8. Arrive early. Take time to relax and stretch. Get your mind focused and do your best.

Training is everything. When you prepare to do any physically demanding activity, the degree of your preparation and training matters. Training develops your stamina, endurance, and muscles. Most importantly, your mind will be conditioned to meet the physical demands. As the going gets tough, your body will be able to endure it. Remember that training for a marathon is no joke. As most fitness gurus say, “If you train hard, the game will be easy.” By simply following the steps and the tips we have enumerated above, you can surely train for a marathon. Have fun and enjoy the run!


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